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Why Go Digital?

Apr 28 2016

Marketing and advertising are not a new concept. Humans have been trying to sell each other things since the first caveman picked up a rock off the ground. He walked over to his buddy and said, “Hey, you want this?! I’ll give it to you if you give me that delicious bison steak.” Of course, his buddy was no dummy,…

Today, Advertising is a Conversation

Apr 11 2016

As the US market evolves and millennials become the coveted new target for all brands, advertising has turned more into a conversation than a sales pitch, especially in the digital world. Consumers have turned into brand spokespersons, critics and analysts. Marketing campaigns travel fast and to establish credibility, it has to happen naturally. The word many strategists use: organically. Welcome…

Twitter Suits Up for the Gridiron

Apr 07 2016

The NFL just announced that Twitter will live-stream 10 games for the 2016 season, leaving no doubt about the marketing intentions the league has for the expansion of its brand and make a strong push beyond television broadcasting. The news doesn’t come as a surprise. The National Football League has live-streamed games the past season and gave Yahoo the rights…