Keys to Converting Visitors to Customers using Blogs

September 14, 2015

It is a near certainty that visitors to your website arrived there as a direct result of a search on Google. They are on the hunt, in the market for something, whether it be goods, services, or simply information.

Modern consumers spend ample time researching, learning, and thinking, before committing to any purchase. They are also finicky. These savvy potential buyers want to get to know you, and your brand before they allow themselves to be converted into customers. A well written, precisely crafted blog can be the key to making this conversion. So, what are key elements of a blog designed to convert readers into buyers?

Proper Scope

Blogs should be relevant, in some way, to your business. Blog topics should be either extremely narrow, or extremely broad. You want to bring in readers who are either looking for something quite specific, or readers who are doing more general research.

Blogs should be tactical. Ask yourself, what purpose is this blog filling? Is it providing information to readers? Is it educating or entertaining them? Is the blog driving readers to action? It is also important to note, that no single blog posts exists in a vacuum. Every post contributes to the identity of your blog. Has this identify been well crafted? Does it serve a purpose?


Your blog should be written with the voice of an expert. You need to display the fact that you are an authority in your field. You can achieve this through the use of industry terms, and by offering concrete information, and specific advice. It is important not to alienate the reader by being too technical.

Many business owners are so familiar with the specifics of their business, they take for granted information others may not know. A professional writer can help you find a good balance. They will take your knowledge, and present it to readers in a manner they can easily comprehend


Speaking of comprehension, it is important that your blog be easily accessible. This doesn’t mean it should be easy to find on google (Although it should!), this means it should be easy to read and understand. There is a nearly endless list of formatting tips and tricks which can help make your blog easier to read. Voice and writing style also contribute to readability.

It is also important that your blog be part of a website which is designed to easily convert readers into customers. They may trust you and believe in you after reading your blog, but you need to make it simple for them to buy,

A well-crafted blog should just be a piece of your digital marketing strategy, however, it is a crucial piece. Take the time to do it write, or higher out a digital advertising agency who will be able to take your blog to the next level

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