Here at the Helix House, we’ve become a bit of a greenhouse. We took a page out of Professor Karl “Doc’ von Vollensteen’s book and have discovered the beauty and majesty of the succulent. We have embraced plantlife fully.

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Why? Well, aside from giving our walls and windowsills a splash of color, studies have shown that minimalist offices creates an absolutely miserable experience for employees. So why not liven up the workspace with beautiful (and low maintenance) succulents!? Behold, the verdant variety of our friendly flora.

We’ll be honest. We don’t know what half these things are. But they’re pretty right? The garden has grown gradually over the last several months as new plants have been added as birthday presents, apology gifts, and impulse purchases.

Many of our succulents have a nomadic streak. They have floated from desk to desk, windowsill to windowsill as their caretakers have changed, certain individuals giving up on the horticultural arts while others have risen to the plant-parent challenge. I know I will, on occasion, water Marina’s orchid which she inherited from another employee. This individual, who shall remain nameless, believed that the orchid’s flowers falling off and the leaves turning brown meant that it was beyond saving. We can now, officially, announce that this orchid is not dead and is, in fact, in the preliminary stages of a full recovery!

When Indre brought in a new plants and pots the office had a bit meltdown. “Look how great those are,” they said. “Mine’s garbage,’ they said. “What is even the point anymore,” they said.

We take it a little seriously. Maybe. Here are some brief Q&A’s with our resident Green Thumbs

The Gardeners

What about having plants in the office do you enjoy?

INDRE: Live plants give out nice energy and create a loving and creative atmosphere. I like looking and taking care of them.

VIANKA: I love having plants in the office because they give me a boost of energy whenever I’m feeling down. They are beautiful. <3

NATHAN: They look nice and make me happy. Plus, I am a sucker for anything that slowly wilts and dies under my care and attention.

Is this your first foray into succulent gardening?

INDRE: Not at all, I used to work as a gardener with my mom and my aunt when I was in high school during the summers so I’m used to taking care of plants.

VIANKA: I’ve been gardening with my father since I was a kid.

NATHAN: This is, in fact, my third foray into the world of succulent gardening and cactus care. My previous attempts at gardening could only be considered failures.

Do you have a garden at home?

INDRE: Yes! Even though it’s getting too hot for my baby tomatoes.

VIANKA: – No, not exactly. :/ I do have 2 small succulents at home. But I can’t wait to move into a bigger place where I can plant a lovely garden on a weekly basis.

NATHAN: Had. Regrettably, all plantlife previous under my care has expired.

What kind of plants are you caring for? (do you know the name/type of the plant you have)?

INDRE: I have a couple of succulents and couple of cacti. I don’t know the names, I care that they look pretty and healthy!

VIANKA: – I am currently taking care of a Tillandsia, Sphera, and a Tchoupi.

NATHAN: I currently care for a short cactus with a red hat, a small echeveria which has begun to wilt, and a taller, spindly succulent with little green bulbs and an admirable constitution.

Anything else about plants that you like/think about/etc? Basically any other remarks!?

INDRE: Plants rock! We need more of them in this office and the world.

VIANKA: Everyone deserves a plant in their life. You’d be surprised how much joy they bring. 🙂

NATHAN: I think it is really crazy – like really really super crazy – that small seeds can take dirt and air and water and transform it all into a cactus. You know what I mean? Where does all the cactus matter come from? The actual cactus stuff?? How does this work? We can talk about photosynthesis and chlorophyll or whatever but I really think there has to be more to it than that.

When not watering succulents, whispering words of encouragement, or carefully transplanting cacti into new homes with fresh soil, we spend our time designing cutting-edge websites, crafting revenue-driving copy, and managing social media streams to grow businesses from humble seeds to mighty oaks. If you’re looking for a team to tend you digital garden, the care we show our succulents pales in what we can do for you and your business!

Nathan Rea, the lead copywriter at Helix House, is an Arizona native and a graduate from the University of Arizona in Tucson. With a B.A. in English Literature, he is wildly passionate about reading, writing, and boring his friends by talking Cormac McCarthy. He loves writing about the intersection between marketing, culture, technology, and business development. In his free time, he hikes, rock climbs, eats (a lot), and goes to just about every live music event in town.