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Although a website’s design is important, many business owners tend to forget about the website’s features. Having a website that works to reach your business goals is equally as important as having a website that looks professional and appealing to customers.

There are quite a few important features to consider in bringing in revenue and gaining customer retention. Here are the five most important features to consider:

Multimedia Presentations

Having the right text is important but not everyone likes to read a lot of it. It is a good idea to use other forms of media to present your service or product. Try the following instead:

— Videos

Videos are a perfect way of grabbing someone’s attention in a hurry. This form of presentation can get your message across in just a minute or two and your customers won’t be expected to read through a lot of heavy text that can be boring and bland. Also, optimized online videos offer a great way to rank well in search engine results.

— Infographics

Information graphics or data visualizations are another simple way to display the information you need and get the attention of your targeted demographic. These infographics are not only easier to share with others (an excellent way to use social media) but they get your message across quickly; sometimes in a single glance.

— Audio

Audio files are a good way to display customer testimonials if you can get them. This can be obtained by phone or recordings and allows your customer to read along or simply listen instead of wading through boring text.

A Blog That Attracts Target Customers

Blogs are a way to attract customers by publishing relevant content that is not only engaging and informational but fun and something to be shared. Customers need a reason to visit your website and a blog is the perfect way to not only add an incoming link, which is great for organic search engine optimization, but also to provide entertainment value.

A blog allows you to target certain customers in your demographic. For instance, if you run a photography studio then you may want to have a blog that lets customers know what you are up to and showcases photos from your latest shoot. Even your “weekend fun” photos are interesting to clients who love photography and may want to employ your expertise. Apart from attracting potential customers, it is useful for establishing yourself as an expert. If you can write about the latest industry news and offer more insight, your target customers will see this as proof that they are buying from a qualified professional.

Social Media Integration

You can’t simply have a website and not have social media visibility. If so, you are wasting an opportunity for free exposure and advertising, not to mention a way of interacting with your customers in a casual, yet professional, manner. If you do integrate social media into your website, customers can log on to their favorite social media site and immediately see news about your business such as specials, promotions and general helpful discussions. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or any number of social markets, you not only get more brand recognition but customers tend to share your news with other potential customers, so you get unlimited exposure.

Real-Time Customer Support Options

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a question while browsing a site and not be able to get it answered. If you have a way for customers to contact you in real time, you can typically get more sales. If not, customers may move on to another site that has similar products or services. You can add a live chat window that is open during business hours or even post a button that automatically clicks to dial your company phone number. Don’t make your customers have to search for a way to find you.

Email Sign-up Form

A great way to keep target customers updated – and to grow your list of leads  is to have an email sign-up form. This puts your target customers onto a mailing list, where you can send them news, updates, and special offers.

By using the five features listed, you’re on your way to having a website that attracts new customers, keeps your old customers, and allows any customer to interact with your company easier and more efficiently.

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