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The Importance of Google Local

One of the most cost-effective marketing tools available, as well as the most important, is local optimization. Because people have smartphone containing mobile search capabilities, there are nearly equal searches conducted on them compared to those done using desktop and laptop computers. This reality allows for more selling opportunities for businesses.

Claim a Google Local Site Immediately

Not every business in your area is taking advantage of this service yet, so claiming your Google Local site puts your business at the advantage. Google sorts searches by location relevancy, especially those search results coming from smartphone users. This allows for a more optimized result because Google is able to tap into the GPS on the smartphone allowing for better rankings. For example, a person two miles from the location they’re searching for will rank higher than someone ten miles away. The best way to ensure your business ranks number one in the search results is to optimize it differently than a standard webpage which utilizes pay-per-click and SEO strategies to drive traffic to their site. SEO shouldn’t be ignored, but there are a few other things you must check off your to-do list as well.

About Optimizing Your Google Local Site

Many businesses are already found on Google Places and have a generic, bare bones listing. Such information contained in Google Places includes address, phone number, and other basic information. This unfinished listing won’t place you in good search rankings, so you must add customized information. Add pictures of your business, business videos, product information, service information, business hours, and all relevant links pointing toward your business. Not only does this listing appear more enticing to those searching, but it also places your business higher in the search rankings.

Additional Optimization Tips:

Within your Google Local profile’s setting, change the region. The purpose of this setting is to allow users to select a specific area that your business serves. By changing this setting, you are not placing your business on a single city listing restriction. You’re able to efficiently change the range of the search engine rankings without the need to create many single city listings.

Make sure your business in placed within the correct category. Be as specific as you possibly can with the category in order to improve search rankings. Avoid using a generic category. Place additional specific search terms focused on your business’s category within your listing’s description in order to improve SEO.

To improve search relevance, Google will look for reviews on your page. Make sure they are there in order to give your business listing more weight in comparison to competition without them. Customer conversions will experience a positive shift in addition to moving your listing further up in the rankings.

Don’t put off claiming your Google Local page because age matters to Google’s search relevance. The older the page is, the better it does with Google. This holds true for web pages, as well. Google believes older pages are for businesses that are more stable. However, just because it’s claimed doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be updated frequently. Add updates to your regular schedule in order to keep the page fresh. This is an important factor in terms of search rankings, too.

Albuquerque Seo | Albuquerque Search Engine Optimization | Seo Albuquerque | Seo Company in Albuquerque