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The success of a website is defined by its ability for the business owner to achieve business goals. Website features are as important as its design, or perhaps even more. These are the top 5 features that can enhance your business, if incorporated into your website:

1. Multimedia Presentations:

There are several media that can grab a person’s attention and retain their interest better than lengthy text. The following media can be used to present your products and services:

* Infographics: Pictures really do speak a thousand words. Infographics, or information graphics, are data visualizations that will get your message across in one glance. Moreover, they can be shared on social networks easily and can enjoy an instant popularity surge.

* Videos: A short video can convey a marketing message very quickly and effectively. You can get higher rankings on search engines by optimizing your online video content.

* Audio: Customers may not agree to provide video feedback for your products and services; their audio input over the phone is the next best thing. Partial transcriptions can be included for complete clarity. Audio players placed directly on your website will play back these audio files to online visitors, as an effective marketing tool.

2. A Relevant Blog:

Create and maintain a blog that will bring people to your website. Update this blog regularly to ensure repeat visits. The content has to be relevant to your business, and it should address the needs of your target customers. A good example is a kitchenwares store maintaining a weekly blog of recipes. Soon enough, both amateur and professional cooks will come across this blog through online searches. If they like it, they will bookmark it for future reference, or may sign up as followers. They might even forward the web link to friends and other cooking enthusiasts. If this blog also includes reference to the latest kitchen gadgets available, as well as, other related news, it establishes your credibility as an expert or a front-runner in that market niche.

3. Integration with Social Media:

A website, that has good visibility in the social media news feeds of its target customers, will do well in today’s world. The latest news and special offers from your company should be displayed for customers when they log in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media accounts. In this way, your products and services are ingrained on their minds, and they will automatically think of your brand when in need. You can use the widgets provided by these social media to post your account details, so that visitors to your website can follow you on these networks as well. Social sharing buttons enable visitors on your website to share your content easily, with a single click.

4. Real-Time Customer Support Options:

People often have various queries when they visit a business website. You must include a live chat window and other real-time support options for their convenience. Some customers may want to contact you over the phone for more details; you can set up a service on your website such that a click of a button will enable this phone call. Such facilities give the customer assurance of your availability and your willingness to meet their needs, thereby increasing your business.

5. Email Sign-up Form:

To grow your list of sale leads and keep target customers updated about your products and services, you should include an email sign-up form on your website. Target customers who sign up will get automatically added to your mailing list, so that you can send them the latest news and special offers.

These 5 website features are guaranteed to increase the traffic of new customers on your website and to assist you in keeping them updated regularly. In turn, this will boost the sales and revenue of your business.

Albuquerque Web Designer | Web Designer Albuquerque | Web Designers Albuquerque