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What Search Engine Optimization Is and Why It Is Important

As with real estate, location is all-important when it comes to search engine placement. According to research, 80 percent of users do not venture beyond the first page a search engine delivers. Moreover, the first five listings will receive 60 percent of money spent by searchers. Businesses know how important it is to be on that first page, preferably in the top five, and hire SEO firms to help them achieve their goal.

A common misconception concerning the placement of Google search results is that traffic and/or popularity dictates where a website lands. In actuality, websites gain better positioning by providing the most pertinent content. This is determined by link building. Another confusing term, link building involves a never-ending contest. The contest is not to determine who is the most popular but rather who has the most reputable site. The winner of the competition is rewarded with first page placement when related keywords are put into a search engine. Link building is a way of building a favorable reputation on the Internet.

The value in using a SEO company is in having experts develop this reputation. By placing a wide assortment of hand submitted links, as opposed to automated software generated ones, a client’s web presence is built from the ground up. Links may include directory submissions, articles where the client is mentioned in relation to their industry and high-ranking back links. These links promote the client as a leader in their industry and as a trustworthy business by building a solid foundation of respect and reliability. The more a potential client knows a business and their reputation, the more that client is likely to trust and wish to do business with them. Placement is assigned by the reputation and familiarity that link building represents.

It is important that SEO content is relevant and current. Therefore, link building is not a onetime effort but rather an ongoing one. Serious, relatively successful businesses make the effort to provide new useful content. As a result, they are viewed as trustworthy and earn higher page placement because they are seen as more likely to meet the needs of potential clients.

For many businesses, the concern with SEO is neither a question of its necessity nor whether to hire a company to handle the SEO. Instead, the concern is in choosing the best SEO company to hire. The number of firms that handle SEO services is staggering. Here are a few things to look for when making this decision.

A good candidate will:

* Show proof of their accomplishments and share case studies and testimonials

* Employ a large enough team to handle your account. The larger the team the better your chance of first page placement

* Instead of guarantees, they will explain their strategies and show examples of how their tactics have been successful in the past

By following the above suggestions, the SEO help needed to attract traffic to your website is obtainable and your businesses revenues will increase.

AZ Seo | AZ Internet Marketing | Search Engine Optimization AZ | Internet Marketing AZ