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Important website basics to remember

Your website’s design can make or break your promotions and conversion rates. First impressions are always critical to business efforts because prospects tend to make snap judgments. The attractiveness of your website and its ease of use are crucial components to any successful digital property. Your goal is to make visitors stay, and look around. To achieve that, aim to make your website’s aesthetic as inviting as possible.

Emphasize Great Content With Streamlined Design

Your site may contain the best articles in the industry, but no one will ever know if they can’t read it. Cluttered page layouts and light text on dark backgrounds tend to overwhelm the eye. On the Internet, visitors won’t tolerate it. Likewise, exceedingly small text, unnecessarily long paragraphs, and menus which are difficult to navigate place a strain on reader attention. Their first instinct will be to click away.

Make It Easy To Navigate Your Site

A site that is difficult to navigate will quickly inspire readers to find another site to visit. Stick to classic navigation tools that make sense to readers. Using a flower with no descriptive lettering as an icon that leads to your web store isn’t likely to catch on with many visitors. Most people have a time budget to adhere to and short patience. Avoid making them decipher site-specific symbolisms when a simple “store” button will work better. Also, consider establishing a comprehensive menu on either side of the screen. Web users are accustomed to looking to the right or left for site menus.

Use a Classic Color Scheme And Keep it Simple

You’re sure to want to work with colors that match your branding, but avoid taking this too far if it will make your site hard to read and navigate. In addition to avoiding light fonts on dark backgrounds, as mentioned above, stay away from using too many distracting colors. It might work for a site geared toward a young demographic (and even then, images are a better method for communicating excitement and adventure), but it’s unlikely to impress adult clients or potential business partners.

Use Quality Images And Keep A Moderate Display

Website images should be at least 72 dpi for a crisp presentation. Avoid the temptation to enlarge images in editing programs. It’s easy to decrease size, and maintain quality, but if you increase the size of an image from a 72 dpi image, you’ll create a pixelated image that is blurry and unattractive.

You’ll also want to use images that are in line with the mission of your site. There are excellent images in both free and paid repositories on the web. Creative commons photos offer free licenses to use images, and attribution is usually the only requirement for utilizing them. Ensuring your images are attractive, hi-res, and well-placed will catch the eyes of visitors who might stay a bit longer to read your posts. Avoid overwhelming visitors with images (especially images of varying sizes), and steer clear of animated gifs and other flashy buttons that may detract from a professional appearance.

Establishing a website can be very exciting, and you’ll want to “dress it up” to reflect your company’s branding and culture. It’s possible to do that while adhering to classic design rules that make your site easy to use and comprehend. From there, a well-designed site will do well retaining its visitors because prospects aren’t faced with an unnecessary learning curve to use your web landing. They’ll be comfortable, and that will encourage trust and a higher conversion rate.

AZ Web Design | Arizona Website Design | Web Design AZ | Website Design Arizona