Being Search Engine Friendly – A Common Sense Approach

November 27, 2013

Being search engine friendly involves a number of simple strategies that can be implemented to improve the overall performance of virtually any website. The best part of achieving good search engine results is that it can be accomplished in a very “common sense” type of way. For example, one of the simplest and most obvious ways to improve search engine ranking is to simply deliver high-quality content to website users. Search engines have become incredibly smart by using highly advanced scientific algorithms that search out the most relevant content available online. Because this is indeed a fact it is important to provide search engines with what they so desperately desire – good content.


Search Engine Algorithms


Another important aspect of being search engine friendly is to ensure that a website has a high trust factor. A high trust factor implies that a website has a few basic and important elements such as a “privacy policy” and a “terms of service” page. Search engines look for key indicators that a website is actually trustworthy and dependable. A privacy policy and terms of service page are just two examples of what search engine algorithms look for in terms of trust. Other examples of trust related elements found on a website include quality links. Search engines know that quality inbound and outbound links pointing to or coming from reputable sites usually indicate that the site in question is trustworthy.


Easy To Navigate And Highly Intuitive


Many major search engines refer to linking strategies and links in general as either “good neighborhood” or “bad neighborhood” links. For example, if a website has “backlinks” that are considered of poor quality coming from a website that offers nothing of real value it will work to reduce the overall value of that website. Conversely, if a website has relevant high-quality inbound and outbound links that are from trusted websites, the end result is that that website will enjoy improved trust ranking by search engines. Another consideration regarding being search engine friendly means ensuring the site is easy to navigate and highly intuitive to website users. A good user interface and a simple web design can also go a long way in helping a site to be more search engine friendly.

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