Blog Posts Tell The Major Engines You Are Relevant

April 17, 2014

The importance of blog posting cannot be underestimated in today’s modern world of Internet marketing and Internet advertising. Regular blog posting that is relevant and useful to visitors that also includes targeted keywords can have a big impact on how a website is ultimately perceived by the major search engines. When blog posting is performed on a regular and routine schedule it in essence causes the search engines to return more frequently to your website. In other words, the more active your website is with regard to fresh and new content, the more active the search engines will be in visiting your site.


Good Navigation


Another important consideration with regard to blog posting is that it helps visitors find your products or services through natural or organic search. Because search engines index pages and not websites they often index blogs that have useful content. This is important for businesses to understand. In the simplest terms, blog posts can act as an attractor to search engines so that they rank a website higher. As long as a website has good navigation that allows a visitor to easily click from a blog page directly to a homepage, then the blog post has served its purpose.


If They Detect Duplicate Content


Drawing new visitors looking for your products or services is easier than it has ever been in the past thanks to the advent of blogs and blog posting. One important consideration with regard to blog posting is that content must always be original and never be duplicated. Major search engines will typically penalize a website if they detect duplicate content. Major search engines perceive duplicate content as being of little value and will immediately discredit the website for that reason.


Relevant Content


Staying relevant and always offering fresh content is one of the best ways to embrace the major search engines and tantalize their algorithms so that they provide good search engine ranking. It is also a good idea to integrate current events into blog posts that are relevant to the subject being blogged about. This also entices search engines looking for relevant content that is tied to current events and recent news. Whatever the case may be, businesses today should be blogging as a way to fully leverage what is possible online with regard to natural or organic search.

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