Blog Your Way To Better Online Visibility

November 7, 2013

Businesses wishing to take full advantage of all that the Internet has to offer should consider the valuable strategic advantage offered by regular blog posting. Publishing relevant blog posts to a website in a specific niche on a recurring schedule improves the likelihood of being found by various search engines. Because search engines index and catalog web pages rather than individual websites they are more prone to find the most relevant pages for a given search online. What this means to website owners is that optimizing individual web pages is far more valuable than focusing only on a home page. Keeping this concept in mind it is clear to see why a blog is so useful today.


The True Value Of The Blog Post


A blog is very useful because it can work like a funnel to help steer visitors to your main website page or homepage. For example, when a search engine finds a relevant keyword in a blog post it will return those results to a surfer looking for a particular search term. A blog post becomes valuable in that online surfers will often navigate from a blog page directly to the homepage of a website. Herein lies the true value of the blog post. Because a blog can be updated regularly and in many cases daily, website owners can add a constant stream of relevant content to their website. This is the perfect scenario for businesses and individuals wishing to be noticed online.


Visitors Can Comment On A Post And Even Post Links


In addition, a blog post works in many ways like social media. A blog can engage website visitors and readers to respond and to react to a particular post. Like social media this is the perfect opportunity to get to know your website visitors. Because visitors can comment on a post and even post links to other similar content the possibility of building a lasting online relationship is highly likely. As with social media, blog posting and related comments encourage interaction between website owners and website visitors. Website owners that are serious about expanding their online exposure and Internet presence should take a serious look at the incredible value of regular blog posting.

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