Can Online Videos Help Your Business Succeed?

December 12, 2013

In today’s fast changing and dynamic Internet-based world it is more important than ever before to stay ahead of the latest trends. Ensuring that a business will exceed expectations and succeed online requires embracing the latest trends in online communication. Videos and media-based information have grown exponentially in terms of popularity online in recent years. For a business to stay competitive it must consider video as a viable option and an important part of any larger Internet marketing campaign. Video is important for a number of key reasons and is an effective communication tool that must not be overlooked.


Video Is Another Channel That Can Feed Customers To Your Business


One of the most important aspects of including video in any Internet marketing campaign is that it is able to get a message across quickly and often in a very entertaining way. Because people enjoy being entertained it is easier to convey information to prospective customers and clients through video than it is through written text. In addition, videos that are properly designed and that include appropriate and relevant keywords can often be found via search engines. Video is another channel that can feed customers and clients to your business as videos are found via a typical online search. There are many factors that must be considered when creating a video for improved online presence.


Internet Surfers Look For Quick Sound Bites


One consideration with regard to producing a simple online video is that short videos are typically better than long exhausting videos. Internet surfers and those that have a large amount of experience with the Internet will typically look for short and to-the-point videos. In fact, most online videos should be just under 5 min. in length to ensure that customers will stay for the entire video. Internet surfers tend to read and digest information differently than those reading a book. Internet surfers look for quick sound bites, quick video bites and small chunks or written text when searching online. Businesses must adapt to this behavior and design videos in accordance with these behaviors. This will ensure overall success with any online video campaign. Helix House is a premier Internet marketing agency that routinely helps businesses navigate this complex online video arena.

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