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Channeling Expert Knowledge Into Expert SE0 Genius

Channeling Expert Knowledge into Expert SEO Gains Amplifying
an Expert’s Voice to Reach a 381% Bigger Audience


-This is what you want to see, what Helix House is capable of. –

Dr. Brighten is a Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor, women’s health expert, and the leading authority on post-birth control syndrome.

That drive worked well with her core, local audience in Portland, OP but the message needed to be amplified to reach further than the Columbia River. We stepped into help temper the wealth of content into precise, targeted pieces to pierce through the din. Through strategic planning, editing, optimization, and linking, Dr. Brighten’s site gained over 500 new top placements, a 114% increase in keyword rankings, and has reached over 13,000 visitors a month.


SEO Efforts Including:

• Link-building
• Onsite Optimization
• Content Editing
• Strategy Planning


Increase in Traffic


Increase in Keywords




So, what was the problem? Dr. Brighten is an expert in the women’s health sphere! But not enough people knew that. Her site was rich in compelling content, but traffic was low. Much lower than it should have been. Looking to increase traffic to her site, Dr. Brighten reached out to Helix House for SEO.


Dr. Brighten already had a large site packed with quality content, but there were a few major issues that were keeping it from reaching its potential. Dr. Brighten’s content was dense and informative, but full of jargon and not properly optimized for SEO. More importantly, there was no overarching strategy behind her content creation. Helix House provided technical optimization, on-page optimization, and strategic planning.


Compelling, high-quality content is the fundamental building block of modern SEO. Dr. Brighten is a leading expert and innovator in her field as well as a skilled and prolific writer! She didn’t need our help producing great content. Instead, we applied our SEO know-how to optimize her existing content and thus her site as a whole.

Through a strategic link-building and detailed onsite optimization, we were able to place Dr. Brighten’s work in front of a receptive and engaged audience. Most importantly that audience has stayed, as her site’s customer retention rate is dramatically higher than the industry average.

Dr. Brighten had hundreds of pages of quality, insightful, informative content. Through optimizing her blogs with focused keywords, restructuring with proper headings, applying metadata and further SE0 wizardry her site indexed 10,000 new keywords in just 4 months! Her site had the potential, it just needed the direction.

When we began working with Dr. Brighten’s team in January 2018, their site hovered around 2,800 visitors a month. The traffic came in trickles, as her pages found their ways nebulously indexing and appearing on SERPs. With the boost in keyword rankings and targeted pieces, the site was pushed into the spotlight. As of writing this case study, their monthly traffic has skyrocketed to 13,853. That’s a 381% increase in S months! More importantly, the additional traffic has resulted in substantial increase in revenue for Dr. Brighten’s business.

What does this all mean? That it’s never too late to apply an SE0 strategy to your business. With proper guidance, any site no matter the size from one fresh out of development to a decade old juggernaut can be boosted through proper applications of SEO.


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