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How to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates in 5 Steps.

The number of hits from visitors a web page receives is very important for a company’s growth, but the website conversion is the best way to calculate how effective the website truly is. When looking at the big picture, you need to know how many sales the webpage is making instead of just the traffic flow. These five steps will show how easy it is to improve your website’s conversion rate and increase the profits from your webpage.

Clear out any Clutter.

In interior design, less is more, and the same is true for website design. Originally it was thought that the most successful websites had as much information as possible on the webpage display – but with webpages going more mobile that is no longer the case. Today’s webpages are catering to Internet users who are looking for sites that are clean looking, open fast, and are free from general clutter. This design also makes the webpage more mobile-friendly and more likely to be compatible with all operating systems and browsers. To clear out your clutter, insist on fonts that are very clear and easy on the eyes of the reader. Do not be concerned with blank areas, when used properly, these areas actually make the intended content stand out for the reader.

Identify Yourself.

Conversion rates drop for company websites that are unable to identify who, or what, their website represents to their potential consumers. Verify that the company logo or brand is consistent and clear through the entire website. Insist on using the same fonts, colors, and logos on your webpage that you use with any other marketing logos for your company.

Include your ‘Call To Action’ on Each Page.

Including a “Call To Action” on each page removes a major reason why potential clients stray away from your conversion opportunities. You should consider adding a “Contact us Now” button, a banner clients can interact with, or any other combination of tools. When adding any of these “Call To Action” buttons, make sure you place them where they can easily be located yet still maintained to the side of your overall web page theme to avoid unnecessary clutter, as discussed in step one.

Make Site Navigation Easy.

All of your webpage links must be in proper working order. Nothing is more frustrating for a potential client then having to jump through hoops just to navigate a web page. While you have the freedom to design your website as it best suits you and your company, standard pages like “About Me,””Contact Us,” and “Home,” should be included on your site.

Provide Contact Information on Each Page.

This adds credibility to your company, enhances your branding, and makes sure that clients will know the best way to contact you. Your contact number should be in the landing page header as well as a link to the full contact information. The inability to present credibility to clients is extremely damaging to your conversion rates due to the increase of Internet fraud. Many users are leery when using their personal information to make a purchase online. Providing the contact information on every page will ease your clients and boost confidence that you are credible.

The most successful company websites are interactive, responsive, and reactive to their potential clients. This is not something you can do in one day and then never update it again. The Internet and client desires are always changing and updating. Are you ready for the next wave of the future?

Scottsdale Web Design | Custom Scottsdale Web Design | Web Designer in Scottsdale | Web Design Scottsdale