4 Indisputable Reasons Why Digital Advertising Is The BEST Way To Grow A Small Business 

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Indisputable?! Best?! Excuse me? 

I know, I know. Those are some pretty strong adjectives we are throwing around here. If I wasn’t the one writing this blog, I would probably be accusing the author (myself) of reckless clickbait. While crippling self-criticism is indisputably a defining element of my own character, this is one situation in which I know I should be tuning out the critics (me)(& maybe you). As it is, this is a title I know that we can publish with pride. As an agency, we have first-hand experience in the veracity of this claim. We are on the front lines building digital advertising campaigns and experiencing their impact on the business we work with. Time and time again, we have watched businesses increase their visibility, improve their lead volume, and increase their revenue through digital advertising. 

In truth, digital advertising is a great way to grow a business of any size, whether you own a 10-employee local plumbing company or you work as the marketing director at a SaaS company with $250 in annual revenue. For small businesses in particular, it is an exceptional fit because it can accentuate your strengths and help you level the playing field against the big guys. That sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Let’s dive into more detail and go over the 4 indisputable reasons why digital advertising is the best way to grow a small business. 



Small businesses don’t have bottomless vaults of cash. For them, every dollar matters. Opportunities can’t be passed up. Every potential lead has to be capitalized on. Every customer matters. 

Compared to mammoth corporations who can spend millions on advertising, small businesses have a narrow margin for error. That means that when they invest in marketing and advertising, they need to see a return from their investment. Going one step further, you need to know which elements of your campaign are providing the highest level of return. Otherwise, how can you make smart business decisions?

This is where digital advertising excels. By properly using tracking tools like Google Analytics and ad platforms like Google Ad Words, you can know exactly where every dollar you spend is going, and what type of return you are seeing on that spend. Does SEO provide the best ROI for your business? Are social conversions cheaper than paid search? Are repeat visitors from email campaign the most likely to buy your higher ticket items? The detailed tracking platforms that define the world of digital advertising can help you answer all of these questions and more. 

With those questions answered, you don’t have to guess how your advertising is doing, you will know with certainty. With that information in hand, you can make informed decisions that will help drive the growth of your business. 




To grow your business, you need… more business. Wow, I know. What a revelation. Well, to be precise, what you really need to do is grow your revenue. And to do that, you need to reduce your overhead, increase your prices OR find more business. But, ummm, we aren’t part of your internal decision-making team so let’s focus on the things we can control – get you more business! 

In the days of traditional advertising, you reach was limited by the potentials of the quotidian world. The only consumers who would see your billboard advertisement were the same 1,600 people who drove by it every day. The only consumer who would ready your newspaper ads were those who were subscribed to the newspaper in your local town.How about radio and TV commercials? National ads were much too expensive, so you were limited to the local market there as well. 

With digital advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, you have the potential to reach millions of consumers across the country. Digital advertising has granted small business the type of reach that they never had before, dramatically increasing their market potential and granting them an unparalleled ability to grow. Best of all, you are in full control of the messaging that you deliver. And with detailed targeting, you can still maintain that small-business feel while having a reach that stretches from California to New York.  


3. Capitalize on Intent 


Right this very moment, there are people out there actively looking for your services. It’s happening right now!! Every day, people are typing out the phrase, “plumber phoenix” into their Google search bar because they need to call a plumber. 

Digital advertising allows your business to appear in front of a consumer at the exact moment they are seeking your services. Then, all you have to do is get them to give you a call and the rest is history. Knowing how well you handle your leads and treat your clients, I think you just made a customer for life! Congratulations! 

This is what we call “capitalizing on intent”, and it is one of the greatest strengths of digital advertising. It allows you to skip the time-consuming, difficult, and expensive step of convincing consumers that they want your services. Instead, they have already made that decision. All you have to do is be ready and waiting so that they can give you a call. 


4. Stand Out From The Crowd With Digital Advertising


What makes your business unique? How do you serve customers better than your competitors? What special something do you have? Maybe you have a history in your market that stretches back 70 years. Maybe you offer free inspections. Maybe your brand is eye-catching and your website is full of engaging, informative information. 

When you discover what makes you unique, digital advertising allows you to put that differentiating factor front and center so that you can outshine the competition and stand out from the crowd. Your ads, your website, and your messaging are yours to control. From how your company looks to how it feels, to what it says, all of these are tools that you can use to attract customers to your business and stand out from the competition. Furthermore, digital advertising allows you to deploy these tools in a targeted, thoughtful, and strategic way, amplifying their effect. 

What To Learn More? 

If any of these ideas interest you, and you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to reach out and give us a call. We love talking about digital advertising and we have a true passion for helping businesses grow. We can’t wait to hear from you! 


Nathan Rea
Nathan Rea
Nathan Rea, the lead copywriter at Helix House, is an Arizona native and a graduate from the University of Arizona in Tucson. With a B.A. in English Literature, he is wildly passionate about reading, writing, and boring his friends by talking Cormac McCarthy. He loves writing about the intersection between marketing, culture, technology, and business development. In his free time, he hikes, rock climbs, eats (a lot), and goes to just about every live music event in town.