Exploring Your Search Engine Find-Ability

July 3, 2013

Are you being found easily online? If not there may be a few things you can do to help improve your find-ability factor. Because online marketing is becoming increasingly complex as more and more options become available to those wishing to participate in online marketing it is important to plan your strategy carefully. For example, understanding the importance of keywords and how they interrelate with your overall online strategy is critical to long-term success. Keywords are more than a buzzword but are the actual words people use to help find what they are looking for across the Internet.


Good High Quality Content That is Relevant and of Value


In addition, good high quality content that is of real value to customers is essential to a successful online campaign. Search engines are highly advanced tools that have gone through much evolution to ensure that they provide online surfers with the correct information they are seeking. Good high quality content that is relevant and of value to online searchers and customers is at the very core of the Internet. Along with good content it is also important that a website be well structured, enabling search engines to easily find what they are looking for, and in turn deliver that content to surfers.


A Carefully Chosen Domain Name


Other important factors that should be considered when thinking in terms of search engine find-ability include a carefully chosen domain name. For example, when an actual keyword is included in part or entirely within a domain name it is far more likely to be found online. Search engine technology gives high-value to keywords that are located within an actual domain name. One example would be if someone were searching for the keyword “widgets.” While not always the case, often search engines will return a domain such as Widgets.com before they would return other unrelated websites. However, it is also important to note that good relevant content, properly placed keywords and a well designed and structured website also play a vital role in this formula. Thanks to experienced companies like Helix House more and more businesses than ever before are able to achieve their online marketing goals.

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