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Five ways to improve your conversion

Many people are under the misguided notion that traffic is everything, and although traffic is an important factor for any successful business, website conversion is the most effective way in determining how well a site is doing. The number of sales is where a websites true potential lies, rather than the amount of traffic. Below are five effective methods to increasing your website conversion rate.

1. Keep It Simple

Website visitors are more pleased and are likely to stay on a site that is free of clutter. This includes filler text and excessive images that serve as distractions. Web design trends are becoming more simplistic and accessible with hopes to fit mobile devices, other systems, and different browsers. Too much fluff and complicated navigation is likely to lead your visitors away and becomes sale repellent. It’s important to use a clean, easy-to-use font that leaves enough room for curiosity and customer imagination. Blank white spaces across a web page helps emphasize the actual content, and reduces frustration and confusion for everyone.

2. Maintain an Identity

Many websites see poor conversion rates because they fail to clearly express what the website is about on the first page. This leaves many site visitors wondering who or what the website actually represents. Company branding is essential, and should be used in a clear, straightforward manner throughout each page. This involves using the same fonts, colors, and logo consistently as you would with any other type of marketing.

3. Call To Action

Keep visitors on a site for as long as possible and keep their chances of navigating away from your site low by placing a “call to action” on each page. A call to action can be anything from a simple, Contact Us Now button, to a banner or any other type of conversion tool. These interactive displays should be placed at the convenience of site visitors where they are easily seen. Avoid obtrusive, in-your-face pop out billboards that do more harm than good.

4. Easy Navigation

All internal links within your website should be working properly, and it’s always a good idea to check. Broken links or broken navigation is a frustrating thing for website browsers, and even though web design has become extremely flexible there are some expectancies for all websites. These expectancies include an “About Me” page, a “Home” page, and a “Contact Us” page.

5. Consistent Contact Information

By placing contact information across each page you immediately add credibility to your website and allow your visitors to directly contact you. A phone number should be included in your contact information along with a more detailed version of your contact information. The rise of internet fraud has caused many people to become skeptical or discouraged from making online purchases, which is damaging to any online business. Contact information allows visitors to trust you and your website by helping them see that your business is accredited and honest.

It’s important to keep in mind that successful websites are interactive and quick to respond. Creating new ways to achieve higher conversion rates is a continuous job, but it doesn’t have to be extremely difficult. Since the online world is changing and evolving every day, you need to take extensive measures to ensure you’re readily capable.

Web Design Flagstaff | Web Design Arizona | Flagstaff Web Design | Arizona Web Design