Forget The Website Bells and Whistles For Better Search Optimization

October 16, 2013

One of the best ways to optimize a website for good search engine results is to keep it basic and easy to navigate. Complex websites with difficult navigation and confusing add-ons only work to slow a website down and deter potential visitors and customers in the case of business websites. Over-engineering a website and including too many “bells and whistles” is one of the biggest mistakes large budget websites as well as low-budget websites can make. As the saying goes, “there is beauty in simplicity.” Some examples of extraneous elements that a website can do without include automatic audio sound and “flash” applications.


Optimize A Website For Speed And Agility


Both of these extraneous items can serve to distract a website visitor and take away from the original intent and message of the site. While some websites may be purely designed for entertainment purposes, most websites are designed as a way to generate traffic for a business or an individual. To achieve the maximum in terms of search engine ranking and search engine relevance it is important to optimize a website for speed and agility. It is equally important to tag images on a website with relevant keywords. This should be a standard practice for every website designer because search engine cannot see images. Not properly tagging images is a waste in terms of the added keywords that could otherwise potentially attract a search engine spider to a site.


The Prime Objective Of Achieving Top Search Engine Ranking


In short, a website should probably not be used for showing off and testing quirky entertaining applications but rather should be used as a platform to deliver useful relevant content to web surfers. Other elements that should be avoided on a website include animations where an individual walks onto the screen and talks to visitors. This is simply just another distraction that takes away from the prime objective of achieving top search engine ranking. This is not to say that animations, flash and audio should never be used, but to achieve the best in terms of search relevancy they should certainly be used sparingly if at all.

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