Getting Noticed With Google Local Business Listings

June 6, 2013

As the Internet and Google constantly morph into how they are organized and how they return search results it is essential for businesses to change in many of the same ways. Perhaps one of the newest and most innovative changes to Google search and the Internet in general is the latest developments in local search results. Google and other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo have quickly integrated local search results into their search algorithms to help online users find products and services quickly and efficiently. Understanding local search and how it works is critical to achieving a broader online success.


Reviews and Ratings of Individual Businesses


The concept of local search is quite simple by design and easy to understand. When an online user goes to Google or another search engine and enters a search term for a local product or service they quickly receive search results. Those results have been carefully designed to provide the most relevant information possible for a given location. For example, entering the term “New York City Electricians” into a major search engine will provide fast and accurate results for electricians in the immediate area. What makes these results equally unique is that they often provide reviews and ratings of individual businesses located in your immediate area.


Yellow Pages


Restaurants, home servicing businesses and other types of businesses seeking to take full advantage of local business search results should work with an online marketing agency that has a solid foundation in local business listings. Helix House, for example, offers a wide range of services designed to carefully integrate local search results into an overall online marketing campaign. As fewer and fewer people use old tools like the Yellow Pages and turn instead to the Internet for local services it will become increasingly important to have a presence in local search results.


Forward-Looking and Highly Effective


Getting noticed online today is about having a plan and implementing that plan in an effective manner. Trust the knowledgeable and experienced team at Helix House to help you implement your local business listings today. As a company that is forward-looking and highly effective, Helix House helps clients and customers achieve online goals in a real and measurable way. To learn more about the potential of local business listings talk with a dedicated Helix House representative to explore all the local online search possibilities available to you and your business.

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