Heard of Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants, Google’s program for nonprofits, gives nonprofits that meet the eligibility requirements $10,000 per month of advertising in Adwords!

Imagine what this advertising could do for your nonprofit. Some things you can use your ads for are increasing donations, recruiting volunteers, growing overall awareness of your organization, building e-mail lists, and more!

Google will give you $10,000 of Adwords credit per month.

Your maximum cost per click (CPC) will be set at $2.00 USD.

The format of the ads will be textual ads that appear on the top and bottom of Google search results pages.

Because this is free advertising credit from Google you will never ever be billed for the clicks your ads receive!


Who’s Eligible?
Look at the list below to find out if your nonprofit is eligible for the Google Ad Grants program.

  • Hold valid 501(c)(3) status
  • Have live website with substantial content
  • Acknowledge and agree to Google Grants required certifications
  • Not a government entity or organization
  • Not a hospital or medical group
  • Not a school, childcare center, academic institution, or university

How It Actually Works


1. We’ll create your ads.

The process starts by selecting keywords (words people search for) that’ll make your message display in front of potential supporters. Then we’ll write ads that tell people just how great the work you do is!

google search graphic-final


Non profit example-ad

2. People will see your ads.

If the words people search for match the keywords that are in your campaign your ads can appear above and below the organic search results. The higher your ad rank (a score decided by Google on the strength of your ad) the better chance of potential supporters clicking on your ad. We’ll work with you each month to make sure you have a high ad rank.


3. Your nonprofit gains potential supporters.

After someone clicks on one of your ads they are redirected to your nonprofit’s website. At this point your website, which must match what you’re advertising, will show people why they should donate or get involved.

landing page_example-2

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