Google And The Importance Of Regular Blog Posts

September 5, 2013

Those wishing to achieve notable online success with a given website must consider posting to a blog on a regular schedule. The primary reason that this is so important is because of the fact that search engines measure the relevancy of a website based on how often it is updated with new information. Stagnant websites that rarely add new and relevant content find it next to impossible to achieve high search engine ranking. Conversely, websites that are fresh and interesting as they provide new and relevant content have a much greater probability of achieving high search engine ranking.


How Relevant A Website Is Regarding A Particular Subject


A blog provides a website with the perfect platform to constantly update the site with new and interesting information. Blog posts offer website owners the opportunity to add up-to-date information that is interesting and captivating. Search engines and their “spiders” that scour websites across the Internet can easily determine how often a website is updated. Search engine algorithms combine this information with other data and metrics to determine how relevant a website is regarding a particular subject. This in turn determines how high on the search engine results page (SERP) a website will appear. Regularly posted relevant blog posts that have interesting and useful content including recent information such as notable news events is one of the best ways to get a website noticed by search engines.


A Great Way To Interact With Visitors


In addition, search engines often identify relevant keywords in blog posts and ultimately drive visitors to a website via its blog. While search engine algorithms are complex and for the most part mysterious, one thing is certain, and that is that high quality content, relative keywords and frequent updates often produce outstanding results. Getting noticed online and achieving “first page status” on Google or Bing requires patience and dedication, but ultimately it is worth the effort and time.  All other considerations aside, regular blog posts are also a great way to interact with visitors. This is because visitors are able to post comments with regard to a particular blog post making it an excellent way to engage visitors and retain visitors on your website.

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