Google Plans to Index App Content for iOS Devices

June 8, 2015

The future of digital media seems to be moving towards portable multimedia devices such as iphones, tablets, and other smartphone technology. It has been announced by google that iOS users who search using the Google app, “will now be able to find content that exists on other iOS apps.” In other words, apps will now be included in the thick web of Google’s search index.

Exempli Gratis

Searching, “restaurant, Phoenix,” may return content from the OpenTable app, recipes from Pinterest, or reviews from Yelp. Indeed, the service industry will be the first affected by Google’s inclusion of apps in their search index. The first apps to be included are as follows: “Slideshare, Tapatalk, Yellow Pages, YouTube and Zillow in the U.S., Biblia JFA Offline and Letras in Brazil, Cookpad and Tabelog in Japan, Domain in Australia, and eBay Kleinanzeigen in Germany.” Google has also promised to index several other popular apps as time rolls on.

What It Means

First off, it indicates a change in the evolving world of digital media. Google’s search engine index is slowly becoming smartphone and tablet friendly. No doubt, Google’s shift comes in the wake of Bing’s recent announcement to index app content from iOS, Android, and Window Apps. Secondly, the shift suggests that enterprising companies bold enough to trust in technology will see a spike in their web presence due to a lack of competition in the world of portable multimedia devices. Much like a gold rush, those that move first will reap the greatest reward.

Helix House Prepares

Due to the increasing use of smartphone and tablet technology, and Google’s response (incorporating apps into their search index), we have hired a new creative strategist, Nate Reinmitz, who is well versed in iOS code, and has extensive experience building apps, websites, and web content that is iOS friendly. Reach out to us today and surf the new wave sweeping through the digital ocean—portable multimedia device indexing.

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