Hastings & Hastings is a discount personal injury law firm with 11 locations in the Greater Phoenix area. Founded in 1981, they are one of the most recognized firms in the state, in large part thanks to their robust traditional advertising efforts. However, their digital presence was almost non-existent, leaving an entire marketplace untapped. What efforts they had were underperforming – social media with no following, a dormant blog, and PPC campaigns that were losing money month after month.


Social Media Management

Social Media has quickly become a staple of any Internet Marketing campaign. It is a wonderful way to increase brand recognition, top of mind advertising, and repeat/referral business.

Organic Search

Search Engine Marketing provides a wonderful opportunity to further promote a company. It gives our clients the opportunity to promote seasonal products or services as well as reinforce organic listings.

Content Creation

Converstion optimization is an eeffective system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more generally, take any desired action on a webpage.

Paid Search

Get the most out of search engines with paid search. We provide the ability to expose your company to more potential clients-using Adwords.



Into that environment stepped Helix House. To some, it would seem a bleak environment to start, but we viewed it a an opportunity. We created an identity for Hastings & Hastings online presence, with graphical brand assets for social platforms, building on their existing branding. After creating a solid foundation, we executed a strategy to build daily interaction to grow their following and influence. We resuscitated their dormant blog and began posting , high quality articles daily. building organic growth as well as providing value for prospective consumers. We then put together a full PR strategy to spread positive information and get Hastings in front of their target demographic. A complete overhaul of their paid search campaigns was the final step to success, reworking their search, mobile, and display builds for incredible return.

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