Helix House Nominated as “Best Place to Work”

November 4, 2015

A Best Place to Work should give their employees something more than just a job; a Best Place to Work should go out of its way to enrich the lives of its employees.

Best Places to Work, as organized by Quantum Work Place, combs through Phoenix to find the Best Places to Work in the Valley. These must be companies that have created unmatched workplace cultures. The nominees and winners are to be published for the people of Phoenix in the Phoenix Business Journal.

Helix House has created a culture where employees are not just valued, they are empowered. Every employee at Helix House has been welcomed into the company as if they were joining a family. The open door policy of Helix House’s Managing Partners cultivates a collaborative, creative, and engaging atmosphere.   

A typical day at Helix House involves a lot of work. It also involves a couple of games of foosball, delicious sandwiches taken from a well-stocked fridge, conversations with friends, and endless chances to learn and grow. Employees at Helix House do serious, important work, for clients they value and feel passionately about. Because of this, the people at Helix House are passionate about what they do, and that passion drives everything else. Passion brings them into work each day. Passion inspires them in their work. Passion brings them together as people, and passion drives their commitment to excellence.

After a company has been nominated as a ‘Best Place to Work,’ its employees are sent detailed, anonymous surveys which touch on every aspect of their work life. It is essential that a best place to work make its employees feel valuable, important, and listened to. If they do not, they will be removed from consideration. A Best Place to Work is more than “just” a place to work. It is a culture and an atmosphere. It is a way of life

Helix House is currently among other companies being considered as semi-finalists for the recognition as Best Place to Work in the Valley. The winner has yet to be announced, but it is expected for a decision to be reached by December.

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