Helix House Ranked One of the Top 20 Firms in US and Canada

March 1, 2013

We have been officially ranked as one of the top 20 firms in the United States and Canada! Our team has been ranked the number eighteen firm by Top SEOs, the nation’s leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings organization. “We are incredibly excited to be adding to our long list of accreditations,” stated Michael Donato, co-founder of Helix House. “We have always felt that our team is one of the best in the industry, and today it became official,” continued Michael.

Since our inception we have been focused on one thing, our clients. This commitment to client satisfaction has been a major contributor in our meteoric growth. “We started this firm with one thought in mind, client satisfaction. By turning down bank loans and potential investors, we made the conscious choice to be able to continuous dictate the direction of our firm, and not have the need to bend to outside influences. This commitment has given us the ability to always make the decisions that will be in the best interest of our clients, not our investors,”  add Alona Rudnitsky, managing partner at Helix House. “We are one of the few truly self-funded firms in the industry, and we feel it shows.”

Recent trends have shown a growth in outside investment within the online industry, and major self-funded firms are becoming harder to find. Historically the firms that accept outside investment become susceptible to outside influences, and lose the ability to dictate the direction of their firm. By becoming a leading firm while still upholding our core tenants, we have gained the ability to always make the right choice.

“We would be lying if we said this road has been easy, but it is through adversity that we find strength,” adds Michael. “We would not have the firm you see today if it was not for the hard choices we made during our inception, and our clients would not be reaping the benefits of those tough choices. With each ranking we add it validates the path we have chosen, and shows the strength our firm has gained through the years. We are ecstatic about what the future holds for our firm, and the continued change we can bring to our industry.”

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