Holiday Technology Stats and Facts

May 30, 2012

Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful Helix House blog readers! We sincerely hope that your holidays are spent enjoying time with loved ones, and getting ready for a successful new year.

We scoured the web to find our readers some relevant facts and articles about the holidays and technology that we would like to share with you today. Please feel free to forward this along to your friends if you read something that you think they would enjoy as well!

During your holiday celebrations spent with family will you be checking your email? A recent study shows that 68% of Americans check their work emails during traditional holidays, so you would be in good company if you do. More than likely, you will find a work related email to read in your inbox, as a full 75% of those polled in the study have received job related emails during this time. The worst offenders for this work email checking practice are employed adults from 35-44 years of age. Men are the gender who most often checks work email during traditional holidays, although women are catching up in this area slowly but surely. For more tidbits, feel free to check out this great article from Mashable on the topic.

Want to give the little tykes in your life the gifts they want the most?  A new Neilson study polling children 6-12 years of age about the tech toys they want most for the 2011 holiday season found that the iPhone, iPad, and iPod are the top three most in demand gifts.

Some holiday shoppers got an unwanted surprise when they discovered that two malls in West Virginia and Southern California were tracking their cell phones to conduct “surveys” on their shopping habits. For now, this practice is being banned because of privacy concerns, but it might pop up again in the future. Are you comfortable with having your movements and shopping habits tracked to optimize display ads and other marketing? For more information, read Wired’s article on this tracking practice.

For any reader out there who is still stuck trying to come up with a perfect present for their tech savvy loved one, CNET put out a very comprehensive guide for the best gift ideas. Virtually any tech lover is covered here, from gifts under $50 to the best gadgets for tech hungry travelers.

Finally, some quick facts and ideas that are related to technology we thought you might enjoy as well!

For all of us here at Helix House, we thank you for spending some of your valuable holiday time reading our materials, and for being valued clients and friends. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2012!

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