How And Why Search Engines Do What They Do

July 31, 2014

The question often arises with regard to how and why search engines do what they do in order to rank and compare websites. Answering the question of “why” is really quite simple in that search engines strive to provide online users with the best possible results for a given search. When a user types a term or phrase into a browser window they trust search engines to provide them with the best information possible at any given time.


More Enjoyable And More Rewarding


Keeping this simple idea in mind it is clear to see why search engines work so hard to provide accurate and timely information for users. In fact, if search engines were not able to provide the most relevant information possible they would likely not remain in business for very long. Another important consideration with regard to why search engines do what they do is to simply make the online experience more enjoyable and more rewarding. From those doing research to those looking for the best place to dine, search engines fulfill many different requirements.


Millions Of Websites And Webpages


In terms of how search engines do with they do, the answer is quite straightforward as well. Search engine companies typically devise, create and formulate highly complicated and advanced mathematical algorithms. These mathematical algorithms are deployed in the form of “spiders” that are sent out across the Internet to “comb” through millions of websites and webpages in order to determine which sites are most relevant and most valuable with regard to any given search. Spiders never rest and never sleep always ensuring that search results are accurate.


Entirely Automated Making It Efficient


Major search engine giants then collect all data, analyze this data and make automated decisions regarding which websites are most pertinent, relevant and valuable to a particular search at any given time. While this may sound complicated and exhausting by its very nature, in fact it is almost entirely automated making it efficient, accurate and fast. The good news for businesses and those wishing to achieve good online ranking is that proper website design, good usability factors and excellent content can all result in excellent search engine ranking. These are just some of the factors that search engines look at to determine page rank. Contact Helix House today to learn more about the many options with regard to achieving outstanding results online.

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