How Long Are Your Website Visitors Sticking Around?

August 20, 2013

The analytical analysis of any website can take on many shapes and forms, however one of the most important aspects of analyzing visitor behavior is simply how long those visitors are sticking around. Measuring how long visitors stay on your website is a critical element in determining how user-friendly your site is and how valuable the information you are providing is to your visitors. Sometimes called “stickiness,” the length of time visitors stay on your website is an important metric that should not be overlooked. Stickiness is even important with regard to how search engines view the overall value of your website.


A Website Is Highly Relevant And Providing Useful Information


One of the parameters that search engines routinely take into account when determining how relevant a website is to visitors is how long those visitors actually stay engaged on the website. Search engines know that if visitors are spending a relatively long amount of time on a website and navigating to various pages throughout that website that the website is probably highly relevant and providing useful information. As such, search engines will increase the overall relevancy of that website and ultimately give it a higher search engine ranking resulting in better search engine results for a particular search. Designing a website that is intuitive, easy to navigate and informative will help to ensure that visitors will indeed stick around.


Include Trust Related Factors


Other important concerns with regard to how long visitors will stay on your website include trust related factors. If a website is trustworthy and has some simple basic elements such as a privacy policy and a terms of service page, visitors are more likely to trust the website. Along the same lines, search engines also view trust factors as an important part of rating any website. If a website is lacking basic elements such as a privacy policy or terms of service page then search engines are likely to dismiss it as less than ideal in terms of relevancy. Achieving long-term success online with your website means building a user-friendly, dependable and trustworthy site that has useful content and highly relevant keywords.

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