How To Get A Video To Go Viral

March 20, 2014

The concept of viral videos is something new and is an idea well worth exploring, especially for businesses looking to gain top ranking online. As most people can surmise, online videos today are generally short and usually under 5 minutes in length, but typically carry a big punch. Researchers have discovered that online viewers of videos have a very short attention span and if a video exceeds 4 or 5 minutes in length, viewers will typically abandon the video and move on to something else.


Exponential Growth


With that said, the idea of a video going viral is quite simple in that when a unique short video captures the attention of many people across the Internet they tend to share. When people share videos the net effect can be an exponential growth in the number of people viewing a particular video. As such the concept of “viral” is simply nothing more than exponential growth in viewer-ship. Many companies have discovered how to leverage the power of viral videos.


Unique And Inspiring Video Production


By simply creating a clever and unique video that captures the imagination of almost everyone that views it, the video is said to have a good chance of going viral. Businesses wishing to catch a ride on a viral video can simply attach their brand name or company logo to that video and then enjoy the free ride as millions view the work. The real challenge with regard to viral videos is creating a unique and inspiring video production that will cause people to share the video with their friends. This is the most creative and most challenging aspect of getting a video to go viral.


New And Unique Ideas For Videos In


While there are many ways to accomplish this goal sometimes a simple inexpensive camera along with a backyard stunt can become the next viral video. In other instances, Internet marketing agencies can work with businesses to create new and unique ideas for videos. Whatever the case may be, viral videos are powerful tools in the world of Internet marketing. At the end of the day no one really knows what will make a video go viral. That is why it often requires trial and error to create the perfect video that will have the greatest chances of going viral. Contact Helix House today to learn more about quality video production.

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