Instagram Updates, Everyone Rejoices

September 17, 2015

The number of ubiquitous, essential social applications seems to be constantly growing. There is a constant battle to remain relevant. As part of this battle, even massive applications like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram need to be consistently releasing updates and improving.  Instagram, long defined its constricting photo limitations, is finally granting its users some freedom.

Don’t be a Square

For the last 5 years or so, Instagram has been THE way to take, edit, and share photographs using mobile applications. Instagram offers users an easy way to add simple filters and edits to their photography. Users add the photos to their profile, where they are then viewable and sharable. Instagram grew so quickly largely due to ability to connect people, and promote social interaction. Instagram photography has shaped the way our modern generation seeks and shapes captured experiences. Finally, that shape has changed.

The Old School

Before the current updated, all photos uploaded to Instagram had to be cropped to fit into the perfect square Instagram square. This meant that intrepid photographers interested in experimenting with horizontal or landscape images were out of luck. Their beautiful landscape photo of a Laguna Beach sunset was going to get chopped up before their friends could view it online. Their artsy mirror-selfie profile photo was going to get clipped top and bottom following an upload to Instagram. Finally, with the current Instagram update, amateur photographers the world over are going to have their creativity (almost) fully unleashed.

Any Shape or Size

With the current Instagram update, the chains are off. Landscape and horizontal photographs are now fully supported by Instagram. Previously to this update, Instagram users were forced to utilize third-party apps to share low-quality versions of their artistic expression. Now, users browsing Instagram will seamlessly scroll through square, landscape, and horizontal images. You can now view the world in whatever shape (they are all still rectangles actually) you see fit.

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