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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming increasingly popular and if done correctly it can boost the company’s online business bringing as much as 1500% ROI, but it has also been increasingly popular for so-called “SEO specialists” to collect thousands or even tens of thousands from a client and never produce results.

Her are a few things to look for that should raise a red flag:

1. Firms that guarantee the top spot:

If an SEO firm claims that they can guarantee their client the number one position in the search rankings, it is almost definite that they have made the same empty promise to all their clients. There are many factors that go into topping this list and it is very difficult for one firm to manipulate all of them. In fact, it is recommended to stay away from such SEO firms.

2. Firms that use complex technical jargon:

As far as possible, a genuine SEO firm will use simple language while communicating with clients, so that they can completely understand the matter. This may not always be easy for the SEO firm. Also, there may be cases when some technical terms have to be included. On the other hand, the untrustworthy firms will evade questions by adding unnecessary and complex technical jargon on purpose. It is fairly obvious when this is taking place.

3. Firms that refuse to do link building:

An SEO expert uses popular directory submissions and press releases to create high-quality link relationships through legitimate ways. Other SEO firms may refuse to carry out any link building for the client, or may resort to illegitimate methods in their link building campaign; these grey / black hat ways should be a clear indication that this SEO firm cannot give the client successful results.

4. Firms that keep calling themselves experts and are out to please:

Some SEO firms study the clients; their needs and their personalities. They then employ a sales pitch that includes words and ideas that the clients expect to hear, just to please them and win their business. Such fake firms would also refer to their own expertise a bit too often. Clients pay an SEO firm substantially, in order to get proper consultation for their campaign; not just pleasing and eloquent words that are not backed by solid actions.

5. Firms that are basically IT companies:

SEO is nothing but marketing, hence an SEO firm should primarily be into the marketing field. There are some SEO firms that request the IT department of their company to carry out this job. In such a case, the result will be disastrous and must be steered clear of.

The cost of SEO management varies greatly, depending on who does the job. Both too low and too high a price is an indication of a fraudulent SEO firm. If clients follow the 5 guidelines mentioned above, they will be able to evaluate any SEO company properly and enhance their business.

Arizona Advertising | Marketing Arizona | Advertising Agencies in Arizona | Internet Marketing Arizona