Internet Marketing – Being Google Friendly

July 18, 2013

Being Google friendly is really not as complicated as it may sound. In fact, being search engine friendly in general whether talking about Google, Bing or Yahoo is about building trust. Most major search engines have one objective and that is delivering high-quality relevant content to their customers or online surfers. For major search engines to be able to accomplish this feat they must measure a website for its relevance and its trustworthiness. From the perspective of a business that desires an online presence it is therefore necessary to ensure that your website portrays relevance and trustworthiness.


Signs That a Website is Trustworthy


In many cases Google and other major search engines look at linking as an important element of the trust factor. For example, Google in particular considers some online areas or “neighborhoods” to be less than trustworthy or dependable. Having links from these undesirable websites or “neighborhoods” pointing to your website can damage your reputation as a relates to most major search engines. In addition, Google looks for other important signs that a website is trustworthy and delivering real and usable relevant content. Advanced and complex search engine algorithms are able to quickly determine whether a website is relevant or not.


Real Life Trust and Dependability Factors


In short, being Google friendly means being honest and trustworthy. Major search engines today have taken real life trust and dependability factors and applied them to the online world. Just as brick-and-mortar businesses must prove themselves to be trustworthy and dependable to their community, websites must do similar. In fact, one of the easiest ways to be search engine friendly is to simply build a website that is highly relevant and highly valuable to online surfers. A site that provides real and valuable information that is useful is one of the best ways to get noticed by search engines today. Search engines today have a complicated job of sifting through millions of websites to determine which sites are most relevant. Creating a highly relevant, useful and informative website makes a search engines job far easier. Contact Helix House today and learn more about how to make your website more relevant.

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