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Google has recently changed its algorithm, and this change has caused panic for many businesses. Many businesses depend on their Google Place Pages as a way to bring local customers to their doors, but Google’s recent changes have removed and suppressed a lot of Yelp listings and other directory listings that helped businesses. Fortunately, however, there are ways for these businesses to regain their place in search engine rankings and ways for them to increase their placement in Google local listings.

Take Full Advantage of Your Google Local Places Account

Since Google has a lot of control over who will see your website, it is important for you to follow their guidelines; you should also take full advantage of all the helpful tools that they have to offer. For instance, small businesses should take advantage of their Google Places page through a free Google Local Places account. Although this service is free, there are some guidelines that a business owner must follow before claiming its local listing.

-Make sure to fill in all profile fields, and enter all of the necessary contact information.

-Make sure that your business is not already stored in the Google database; you can do this by clicking on the “List Your Business” link and then entering your telephone number.

-If there is no listing for your business, click on the “Add New Listing” link to continue.

-Enter your company name in the most beneficial way possible. A good template to follow is to put your business name in first, followed by a dash and your city’s name and the main service that you offer.

– Add plenty of pictures to your listing, and make sure that these pictures positively portray your business. You can post photos of your business, your employees, your logo and other related images.

-Include a video, If you do not already have a video, make one or have one professionally made for you.

-Finish filling out all of the details in order to complete the sign-up process; you will want to add your website URL and your business hours. Make sure that you complete all of the necessary steps, and then submit your form.

Promote Your Business Online In Other Ways

It is important to build a website for your business that is properly optimized for search engines and that relates well to your Google Place Page. Do not depend strictly on your Google Place Page as a way to promote your business; have a website made as soon as possible if you do not already have one.

Once you have a website, you can use it as a link source that will help greatly in boosting your search engine rankings and overall online visibility. Instead of optimizing your site for general search engine rankings, try to optimize it so that it will be found during local searches; this will help you to bring in the local traffic that you need.

One of the changes that Google has made is that they try to ensure that businesses listed on Google have a stronger online presence, one that reaches beyond simply being found on Google Places. However, they will not list your page until they are fully content with your Google Place Page. They also want to ensure that your website has developed a high enough level of credibility. One way to build up this credibility is to build tons of backlinks to your website. You should also follow up by racking up citations to your Google Place Page.

-By building links between your different site pages, you will receive a major boost from Google. However, make sure that you focus primarily on high quality links, such as keyword links and links from sites that are related to your industry. Also, consider adding links to different articles and various directories for an even bigger boost.

-You should also reference your contact details on different parts of the web; this is known as citation building, and it helps to build the credibility that you need with Google.

Although these changes can take a little bit of time, they will be very effective in helping you to rebuild your page ranking and to bring in more customers.

Tucson Seo | Internet Marketing Tucson | Seo Tucson