Is Email Marketing A Good Supplement To Search Ranking?

December 5, 2013

While search engine ranking plays an important role in a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy, e-mail marketing is equally important and often works well in conjunction with other Internet marketing strategies. While favorable search engine ranking can help a business get noticed in the online arena, it is e-mail marketing and other programs like social media that offer two-way communication between businesses and clients. This two-way communication helps businesses to connect with clients and customers on a regular basis. Making a permanent connection with clients and customers and building a relationship designed around trust is what is possible with e-mail marketing. While e-mail marketing can produce exceptional results in this regard it is important that it is done correctly.


Helix House Can Help Clients Improve Their Search Engine Ranking


Enlisting the services of an experienced and knowledgeable Internet marketing firm will ensure that your search ranking and subsequent e-mail campaign efforts are not done in vain. Helix House is a respected and trusted name in the Internet marketing industry that can help guide businesses to making the right decisions with regard to search ranking and e-mail marketing. For example, Helix House can help clients improve their search engine ranking through better content and better keyword organization and selection. In conjunction with noticeably improved search engine ranking, Helix House can then help clients to devise and develop effective and responsive e-mail campaigns that get results.


Following Strict Adherence To Permission-Based E-Mail


It is also important to note that for e-mail marketing to be effective and responsive it must be done in accordance with certain e-mail protocols and acceptable practices. In simple terms this means asking individuals if it is okay to send them e-mails at various intervals. This is known as permission-based e-mail and it is vital that business owners follow these practices closely. One of the easiest ways to deter business and turn away customers is by sending unsolicited e-mails. Following strict adherence to permission-based e-mail procedures ensures that a business will realize noticeable success with regard to a will planned e-mail campaign. Contact Helix House today and explore your options with respect to search engine ranking and e-mail marketing campaigns.

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