Is Your Website Intuitive And Easy To Navigate?

September 19, 2013

Making a website easy to use and easy to navigate is one of the most basic tenets of developing a good online presence. Website owners should ensure that their websites are inviting, interesting and easy to navigate. These elements of good web design and others are all essential to ensuring that visitors will enjoy their experience and return frequently. When a website is confusing and poorly designed it can deter the free flow of Internet traffic. Careful consideration should always be taken to make sure that a website is intuitive, logical and that it simply makes sense.


Simple And Obvious Navigation Elements


Studies have shown that online surfers will click away from a website almost immediately if they sense that a website is confusing. This is due largely in part to the fact that there are so many alternatives available with regard to other similar websites, that surfers will simply move on to another site. Many people work hard to ensure that their website will be discovered online, and that is why it is crucial to make sure that visitors stay once they have arrived on a website. Simple and obvious navigation elements and buttons that use clear and concise language will help online visitors move throughout all the pages of a website. One of the best approaches to website design is to always keep it simple and easy to understand.


Easy Navigation That Is Clear And Obvious


In addition, in many cases while “flash” technology and other gee-whiz kinds of website add-ons may be fun and interesting when added to a website design they can often work to prevent a website from achieving its full potential. Technologies such as “flash” are often bandwidth “hogs” that cause a website to load slowly and inefficiently. Additional studies have shown that when a website takes too long to load, visitors exit the site. Keeping a website simple and free of complex bandwidth hogging technology along with easy navigation that is clear and obvious is one the best ways to achieve top search engine ranking. These commonsense rules along with high quality content and carefully optimized keywords will give a website the greatest chance possible of achieving top billing with the search engines.

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