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Link building is extremely important to you and your business. Many people and companies struggle to link back to their site thinking it is more difficult than it really is. Link building is necessary in SEO and should be highly regarded in your company’s SEO strategies. By generating links to your website you can help grow your business. At Helix House we believe that link building strategies are more than beneficial to your business! 

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Maybe after this first paragraph you are thinking, “Oh no, I am in digital marketing and I don’t even know what link building is.” Don’t fret, it’s not too difficult to understand. Link building is a process of obtaining new inbound links from outside websites. With link building you are aiming to gain search traffic from different search engines. 

In this blog we give you multiple steps that are successful to your link building strategies. When you are trying to gain traffic to your website through link building you need something that is worthy of being linked to. We give you the strategies to consider following to gain more web traffic to your site. 

Before making any steps to link building and the strategies you take you first need to understand your audience. When performing link building you want to be sure that you are sending your links to websites your audience will be on. Your goal should be to generate traffic to your website so you want to place the links where traffic will be generated. You need to know who your audience is currently and who you are trying to reach. 


Any good link builder understands how important outreach is. In order to have people promote your website and your content you need to make contact and relationships to introduce them to your content. Maybe you want to link to your services page, your blog page, your career page… whatever it may be it needs to be link worthy. Use a tool to see what audiences your website is already linked to. Whether it be athletes, entrepreneurs, or doctors, finding information on what demographic is attracted to your content most is helpful. You may be tempted to just call or email out of the blue, but link building and outreach work best with a linkable asset. A great tool to use finding the audiences that use your keywords and link to your pages and articles is Ahrefs Content Explorer.

2. Paid Promotion

Paid promotion is a great way to get your business and your content out there on all social platforms. Whether you use Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or another platform you don’t need to spend too much money. When you are paying for your content to go to your target audience often times the audience shares, likes, or comments on your content. By using paid promotion for a link building strategy you tend to get backlinks automatically from people that enjoy your content. This is one strategy that doesn’t require outreach and can have a positive impact on your company.  

3. Link Reclamation

We understand that link building strategies can be difficult, but one of the best tactics is link reclamation. You would be surprised how many links you lose weekly. One of the best tools to check your lost backlinks is through Ahrefs Site Explorer.Often times companies think to regain their links just building new ones is the best option – this isn’t always true. Reclaiming lost links is a great way to gain previous links back and continue steady traffic to your site. The most common reasons for links being lost are: 

  1. The link is removed from the page 
  2. The link page no longer exists and is now a 404
  3. The link is redirected from the page creating a 301
  4. The link page is no longer indexed

There are multiple ways in which to solve these problems, all of which involve outreach. Don’t be alarmed if you have a lot of 404 and 301 broken links. Sometimes links and pages are removed or deleted by accident. A simple email can often get your links back on track.

4. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great tactic for your name and business to be put out there. You want to find a website in your industry and reach out for a potential blogging opportunity to link your site from theirs. One way to find websites looking for guest bloggers is by using Google – however, you don’t just want to look for the websites that advertise they are looking for guest writers. Find websites in your niche and reach out with a well written pitch. Most people won’t turn down good free content in exchange for link building. 


We hope that our link building strategies and tactics help you and your business. As you can see it isn’t too difficult and it will create a positive impact on your website. Just be sure to follow through entirely with the strategies you choose. You want to be certain you find the link building strategies that work best for you and your business with trial and error.

Simone Fricchione
Simone Fricchione
Simone Fricchione is a writer at Helix House. She has a B.S. in Digital Marketing from Arizona State University and has found a passion writing and creating copy for pretty much any industry. In her free time she loves reading, enjoying the Arizona weather, and going to music events throughout Phoenix.