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Professional Website Design Converts Page Views into Sales

While a successful SEO campaign can get people to your website, it is the design of your site that will keep them there and close the sale. Since many people visit the website of a business before making contact with them, your website acts a virtual storefront that gives prospective clients and customers their first impression of your business. Just like you want your brick and mortar store to have items displayed so they are easy to find, your website needs to be easy to navigate so people can find the product, service, or information they need quickly and without hassle.

Here are some ways to tell if your website converts page views into sales.

* Engage site visitors with content that is accessible. While thin, small text might appear sleek and classy, it can be difficult to read, especially if people who visit your site are older adults or are using a mobile device. The most easily read websites use a plain font that is no smaller than 12pt. This size and style font will keep visitors on your site because it eliminates the frustration of trying to read elaborate fonts that are difficult to decipher.

Another way to keep visitors on your website is to make sure your content is tight and concise. Make use of headers and bulleted lists so your prospective customers can scan the content quickly to find the information they need. People who see a dense paragraph are likely to think “too long, don’t read” and click to another site.

* Make it intuitive for customers or clients to find the products or information they need. Sometimes it is tempting to try the latest gimmicks to navigate a website. Unfortunately, some of these navigation tools are not user friendly, which leaves visitors frustrated trying to get to a product page. If they cannot find what they want to buy, then you have lost the sale.

If you keep the navigation menu clear and easy to read, your visitors will find what they want quickly and easily, making it more likely the site visit will convert into a sale.

* Use a color scheme that is both attractive and easy to read. Many web designers will choose a color scheme that works well for an abstract painting, but when used for a website with content, the color combination causes headache-inducing eyestrain. For example, a blue font on a purple background might look pretty, but will be very difficult to read. Another mistake is to use a dark font of the same color on a background with a shade of the same color, which makes the content almost impossible to read.

* Keep your website calm. When you have a bunch of animations and blinking text on your website, you will quickly overwhelm visitors who will likely then click to your competitor’s site. Even if they stay on the site, they will likely get distracted by all the shiny things and forget the reason they clicked on your site.

While a successful SEO campaign gets visitors to your site, you need a stylish, calm, easy to read website to close the sale.

Web Design Mesa AZ | Chandler Web Design | Glendale Web Design | Mesa Web Design