More than Keywords: Effective Use of Blogs for Marketing

March 9, 2016

For most businesses, ecommerce is what drives their growth. With the sophistication of how a site ranks after an online search, companies take steps to be at the top of the results provided by engines such as Google and Bing. This is what brings consumers to visit sites and ring sales. One marketing strategy that is becoming increasingly important is the use of blogs.

Seen before as a casual form of sharing comments written by a regular Joe, for the fast changing field of web marketing , a blog is essential for generating traffic and brand awareness on the web. Blogs can create a following and provide credibility towards a product or service, bringing value to an eager consumer. That is why writing a blog for marketing purposes should be done by an experienced content writer who understands about SEO.

With the intricate formulas put in place by search engines, being on top of a search result’s list is no longer about abundant keywords. It is about quality. And here’s where a blog can define how much traffic comes into a website.

A blog with an authoritative, yet friendly tone, one that speaks to the core consumer your company is after, can create quite a buzz on social media. When a reader shares your blog, it creates interest and the domino effect a brand wants to see: people start following you and liking your products or services. You become a topic of conversation. Word of mouth has a strong advertising effect.

A blog is now part of a marketing strategy, and has to be crafted with a purpose in mind. Just like a good video advert catches your attention online or on TV, a good blog must create interest towards your brand. Is it going to be directed to a casual reader or potential costumer? Will the blog address your core consumer? Or, do you want to give an insight about how your company is leading social efforts such as your recycling program? Remember: a blog has a purpose.

By stressing quality in the content of your online strategy, your brand will separate from the rest and the consumer will respond positively to your product. The use of keywords is essential to optimize the search results and your blogs such contain them. But without quality content, the interest in reading your blogs will drop and thus, the popularity of your online presence.

Take the steps necessary to implement a well targeted strategy that includes this important part of ecommerce. With the posting of regular, well written blogs, your brand will be in the minds of your consumers.


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