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As the major search engine, Google is the main medium that many businesses rely on to deliver their business to their online clients. Google is the main machine that helps businesses realize online success. It is inevitable that any changes made by this search engine will affect businesses either negatively or positively. The recent changes to its local algorithm have negatively impacted a number of small businesses that once thrived on the business opportunities and customers that their Place Pages used to bring to their doors.

These local businesses can easily pick themselves up and get back those local customers, plus gain others through the new implementations on Google. They simply need to be willing to follow the required measures that will help them increase their placement through the Google local listing. Here are some measures they can use.

1. Complete their Google Local Places Account

Google will make changes from time to time; so, it is best to play by their rules. Business owners should take advantage of the Google tools offered to them. For their Google Local Places account, they should claim their Google Places Page and ensure that they fill out all the required fields. This is the only way they will be sure they satisfy the Google criteria that will enable them to claim their local listing. For your local account, ensure that you fill in the information for all the fields.

* Complete the profile fields, and fill in all contact details.

* Use the “List your business” feature to find out if your business is already listed.

* If it is listed, edit your business details; but if it is not, then go on to “Add New Listing.”

Follow through on all the other fields and requirements. It is best to add as many business related photographs as possible as well as a video.

2. Build an SEO-optimized website to increase online presence, and link to the businesses Google Places Page.

A strong website helps to build a strong brand and a successful business. Businesses that do not have a website are missing out on a number of benefits. A website will promote your local business, help more people to learn of products and services, build your customer base so that you can expand your business and ultimately increase business profits. If you have not done so already, build a website and have it optimized for local search queries. Google’s new feature, the “Organic or O Pack” was put in place to ensure that Google listed businesses have a strong online presence to complement their placement on Google Places. It is important for you to do link building to increase your website’s credibility, as Google will only list your page when it is satisfied that both it and Place Page has gained a certain amount of credibility. You should also build citations for Place Page.

* Competitive links and industry/keyword links are good for boosting credibility so focus on these.

* Citations help spread your contact details over the internet. This is what Google likes to see.

Be prepared for any changes that Google makes to its system and quickly adapt to the changes so that you never get left behind. It is also best to adhere to the Google rules instead of trying to take short cuts.

Seo New Mexico | Seo Company in New Mexico | Seo Marketing Companies | New Mexico seo