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May 4, 2021

Test Your Might! – Choose Your Advertising Mortal Kombat Champion!

Mortaaaal Kommmmbat! Anybody who was watching bad video game movies in 1995 has shivers running down their spine right now we know it. After Warner Bros. […]
April 27, 2021
what do backlinks do

Backlinks Basics: What Do Backlinks Do For You?

We’ve talked about these magical little things called backlinks a few times now, but we really have gone over the power of them. You see, backlinks […]
April 20, 2021

Five Cool Things – Cody’s Turn

We’re back again for another entry in the ‘Five Cool Things’ series, this time it’s me, ya boi, Cody Eastlick running you through five cool things […]
April 13, 2021

From Zero to SEO Hero!

Alright, so you are just starting out. When it comes to a website you have nothing, well not nothing. You have your business and you’ve bought […]
April 6, 2021

And The Addy Goes to…Doggy Brace!

At Helix House, we love to celebrate and highlight the achievements of our team. We’re so happy to announce that our in-house designer and creative strategist, […]
March 23, 2021

5 Strategies to Improve Your Page Speed

Optimizing your website for search engine performance is more than just keyword targeting and proper tagging of metadata. It includes addressing all of the different criteria […]
March 16, 2021

Using Short and Long Tail Keywords for SEO Optimization

Keywords. You know them, we love them. Did you know that there are different forms of keywords? They’re the lifeblood behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There […]
March 11, 2021

A Beginner’s Look at Google Search Console

Data is absolutely crucial for everything we do here at Helix House. It’s what makes digital advertising so powerful. The ability to track every impression, click, […]
March 2, 2021

Five Cool Things: Casey Edition

So it’s been a hot minute since our self-proclaimed recurring blog series started — *cough* May 29, 2019 *cough* — but we’re back at it again! […]