Parker & Sons is one of Phoenix’s leading home service companies. With a forty-year history of success, they came to us with a strong existing brand which leveraged traditional advertising campaigns. However, their digital presence was almost non-existent, and their previous investments in area had provided little return. It was out job to change that.


Web Design/Development

A strong website can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful SEO campaign. Helix House builds websites that attract clients, project the proper company image, and push for conversions.

Social Media Management

Social Media has quickly become a staple of any Internet Marketing campaign. It is a wonderful way to increase brand recognition, top of mind advertising, and repeat/referral business.

Content Managment

In today’s world, content truly is king. Tactical, fun, intelligently written content is the BEST way to tell the world who you are while cultivating familiarity with your brand and your product. A robust content strategy also plays an essential role in securing organic search rankings. Want to rule the internet? You need to go through the king.

Media Buying

Get the most out of search engines with paid search. We provide the ability to expose your company to more potential clients -using adwords.


Increase in organic traffic
Increase in first-page placemenr(from 21 to 183)
Increasubg in call volume from July 2015 to June 2016
Reduction in cost per acquisition
Parker & Sons’ online visibility exploded (in a positive way), and as a result, so too did their business (all except for their cost per acquisitions which imploded… again, in a good way). A dedicated social media campaign was created to increase brand visibility and to build a following. We designed and developed a fresh looking, modern, easy to use website which increased conversion significantly. And that was important because their organic traffic doubled as a result of dedicated content marketing and SEO.

Finally, our Ad team deserves a shout out for what proved to be an incredible PPC campaign. Not only did call volume increase dramatically relative to budget (like, by 490%) but cost per acquisitions dropped by 73%.

In short, by partnering with Helix House, Parker & Sons saw a steep increase in both paid and organic traffic – traffic which made the all-important conversion into paying customers at an astounding rate..


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“Four times a month. That is how often we meet with Helix House. And after all this time, we still haven’t gotten sick of them. If that doesn’t tell exactly what kind of people they are, then I am not sure what will. And of course, it helps that the success of our partnership has consistently risen beyond my highest expectation. Yup, that definitely helps too.”

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