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Search Engine Optimization may sound complicated, but it is surprisingly simple to accomplish. However, it does require Google compliance knowledge and a large time commitment.

When someone types a series of words into a search engine, the engine gives the user a list of the matches, which can number in the millions. Many matches include those offered with Paid Per Click or Google Local matches. However, what many do not realize is that the search engines do not place priority on popularity, only because they offer the most relevant results.

This knowledge, known as link building, is used as sort of a vote for a site being optimized. When a website has the most votes, it is placed as the first page on search engines. When a professional does link building, they compile hand submitted links, which include articles, directory submissions, and back links that serve as endorsements. Another way to think about it is that when a business is proactively pushing out new content on a regular basis, then they are more likely to provide a good product or service.

A website that uses SEO is much more likely to be placed on the front page of the results. This is important as 4 out of 5 people won’t go past the first page and a little more than half will gravitate toward the first five results. Those lucky businesses will acquire new customers.

Wayne Gretzky remarked “you miss 100% of the shots you do not take.” With Internet marketing, you will miss all potential clients searching for you if you don’t invest in search engine optimization. They will miss you because they won’t know about you when they submit a search for you on Google or any other website.

It is not surprising that businesses are learning to recognize the benefit of utilizing SEO for their sites. But with all the options available and with so many businesses offering SEO, how does one know that they are choosing the right one?

There are many things to look for.

First, you will want to see if they have a list of successful clients. This isn’t just in the form of testimonials, but also includes their past clients’ information. With this knowledge, you will know whether or not their services provided favorable results for their clients.

Next, you will want to see if they have a good team to work with your company. Only having a few people will not be enough to allow the results to be generated on the first page. To have great SEO, one will need many people to accomplish link building. These people include copywriters, web developers and even production team members.

Third, make sure they don’t make any guarantees. It is fine if they show clients having success, but even the greatest SEO companies can’t inform the search engines how they should rank their results. If they have consistent and produce desirable results, then they will be more than willing to share that with you.

All in all, SEO is a great tool for businesses to invest in, as it can increase traffic to a site and help increase sales.

Phoenix Marketing | Phoenix Advertising Agencies | Phoenix Advertising | Marketing Phoenix