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Five important Website Features for Web Development

Most business owners only seem to focus on the design portion of web development, but a website’s features may be the defining attribute that allows you to reach your business goals. With that in mind, these five features below are designed to bring in more sales and revenue from your website.

1) Multimedia

It is never a good idea to bombard potential customers with walls of text. It can make the entire layout of the web page seem messy and cluttered. If you were wondering what types of other media you could use to present your information, you can use the following:

a) Videos

Videos quickly grab attention and allow visitors to learn the important parts of information without having to read through entire lengthy text. This is a highly effective way to convey your marketing message in a short amount of time. Having online videos is also the perfect way to increase your rating in search engines, such as Google.

b) Infographs

Infographs present large amounts of data in a visual medium. They are the most effective way to get the attention of customers. They can be easily shared allowing many people to understand your message in a single glance.

c) Audio

You can easily place audio widgets on your website so that customers can hear real testimonials. However, it is important to use audio sparingly as it can have a negative impact if improperly used.

2) Blogs

A properly updated blog attracts customers to your business, but only if the content on the blog is relevant to your business. Customers will stop by your blog and learn tips, or other information about your business, and they will be more inclined to stop by your main website.

3) Integration of Social Media

Social media is a prominent part of people’s lives. With the rise of social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook, it wouldn’t be wise to keep them away from your website. If you properly integrate Facebook into your website, whenever people log into Facebook, they will see the latest news from your company, instantly building brand recognition. If they like your services, with just one click they will be able to follow all of your posts.

4) Real Time Customer Support

Real time customer support makes it easier for customers to receive support while simultaneously browsing your website. You can set up your online customer support so that it is easily accessible through a window that users can go to if they have a problem. The more support a customer has the more inclined they are to shop at your business.

5) E-mail Sign-up

What is possibly the best way to keep customers updated is through email. Once users fill out the e-mail sign-up form, their email will go into a mailing list where you can send them updates, news, and coupons in which they can use when making purchases.

By using these five steps, you will be on your way to attracting new customers and keeping the ones you already have.

Phoenix Arizona Design | Phoenix Website Design | Phoenix Web Development | Web Design Phoenix AZ