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Internet Marketing Services Basics

Search Engine Optimization

Many website owners are overwhelmed when they hear the term SEO. What is it and why is it important? What does that have to do with me or my website? Search Engine Optimization is a process that moves your website to the top of the search engines so that you potential clients can find you online. This type of natural optimization results in better traffic and ultimately produces a better return on Internet investment.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Another form of search engine optimization is the local SEO. This process is where the SEO professional focuses on getting the website to list on a first page search engine directory at the local level. In some cases, this is easier than getting a site to list nationally or internationally, because there are fewer websites to compete against. However, this is not to say this SEO method is not as beneficial as the more global SEO methods. To the contrary in some cases this method is even more beneficial to small businesses as many searchers are looking for local area businesses instead of the national. This type of SEO is ideal for services, professionals like doctors, real estate agents, contractors and such.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the term used to refer to sponsored links or those businesses that pay Google to list on a first page; the payment percentage is calculated based on the number of clicks the link receives. So for instance, someone who types in the search term: “Nebraska Organic Farmers” will get a list of farmers in the Nebraska area. Most likely the first three options at the top, or those listed to the right side of the page and placed in another color, are SEM advertisements. A website owner needs to pay a Google fee when a user clicks on the site. The only problem with this type of marketing is that once the owner stops paying the advertising fee, he loses his position on a first page search engine listing.

Social Media Marketing

This is a relatively new online marketing method, but is fast gaining popularity. It is the perfect method to interact with the customer and with potential customers. Businesses can address customer issues, problems and even answer questions people have about the industry. Social media is the ideal place to make offers, let readers know of specials or invite them to special events. This is the engaging effect that everyone talks about and makes the Internet work. This engagement is what increases a business’s sales substantially.

Website Development

Just as search engine optimization is important, so is web design. The two are two sides to a coin; you can’t have one without the other. Optimization is not effective unless the website has a strong design element, is easy to navigate and attracts a reader’s attention. At Helix House we can not only help you design a strong website, but help get people to see your website too.

SMS Marketing

Surely, you know what SMS messages are. These are those messages you send back and forth to friends and family on your cellular phone. They are fun, easy to use and inexpensive. But, these also make a great high tech marketing tool for businesses of all types. When organized correctly, SMS messaging campaigns can help inform clients of upcoming events, appointments, offers and more. Statistics show that over 95% of all SMS messages are read so this is an ideal medium to get your message out.


Many online and physical business owners alike use email or newsletters to connect with potential customers. Sometimes, realizing when a person is ready to buy a product can be difficult, but by remaining in touch with potential customers through email your business will have presence in the visitor’s eyes. However, the reason why so many businesses are not that successful with email marketing is because they lack consistency. By hiring a marketing expert like Helix House you can create this consistency and increase your sales.

Video Marketing

This new online marketing method involves the creation of informational or tutorial-like videos. These videos seem to be much more practical than the traditional marketing methods, as it usually takes less time for a viewer to identify with a video than it does with any other marketing method. Videos allow you to build trust and get the viewer’s attention much more quickly than written material.

Phoenix Internet Marketing | Phoenix Internet Marketing Company | Phoenix Internet Marketing Firm | Internet Marketing Phoenix