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How do sites rise to the first few pages of Google’s and stay there? 10 out of 10 times using SEO some combination of white hat search engine optimization strategies. When performed correctly, it can earn a website an impressive amount of traffic. Sites that grow to the first pages of Google will almost always have lead keywords and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords which act as supports to the main terms users are searching for.

Google finds these sites with its search spiders, and after an assessment of how relevant a page’s keywords are to the topic and its supportive keywords, it checks the page’s backlink profile. When popular sites or government and educational sites link to a web page, it lends credibility to the topic the page is focused on. If the page is assessed to be among the best matches for a user’s search term, it will become one of the first choices the search results deliver. There are paid placements that accompany Google’s organic results, but these are positioned separately on the page. It’s easy to tune out paid placements, and many users do.

Search Engines Care About How Relevant A Page Is To Each Query

While Google does check to see how interested users are in your site, your popularity won’t be enough to land you a choice spot in the SERPs. Your winning placement will largely depend on how relevant your content is to an original search query. If a lot of links point to your site, and there’s evidence (through the anchor text used to describe the backlinks) that your page is a top choice for a search term, Google will award you a higher position in its web site ranking.

Acquiring incoming links is called “linkbuilding,” and when experts work to build links to your digital property, they typically utilize guest posts with similar topics on well-received websites and organic links from influential web companies and personalities. They will also utilize social media, and work to receive organic endorsements of your site from higher profile sites on the web. Search engines rely on quality backlinks to keep their results current and valuable to their users. Sites that update frequently, provide quality content, and gain backlinks from enthused site visitors (especially those with influence) are appreciated and favored by search engines. In essence, hard work pays off in SEO. Results may not happen overnight, but they can yield wonderful results when enough time passes for pages to age, and rise in search ranks.

Is It Difficult For A Site To Be Noticed Without SEO?

In most cases, it’s extremely difficult to gain traffic without search engine optimization. Traditional marketing efforts will help to build brand awareness, but a large amount of national and international traffic comes through search queries for each term that your web site matches. The better your SEO development, the greater your visbility in search results. Most search users don’t click through more than three or four search pages when they’re agressively searching for information. When they’re not as invested in the query, they may not look beyond the first few examples on the second of SERPs. Actual research has been conducted that suggests 80 percent of search users don’t leave the first page, and 60 percent of them are inclined to make purchases with merchants who hold the top five positions. It (literally) pays to do your absolute best to make the first page of search results.

The amount of work that goes into proper SEO development can be grueling. When team members aren’t available to handle search optimization, companies often turn the bulk of the work over to experts. There are a dizzying number of firms to choose from, however. It becomes important to look for the qualities that set the more valuable experts apart from the rest. Top level SEO gurus tend to possess the following:

-Documented success stories they have a direct hand in and testimonials from very happy customers.

-A team of experienced SEO experts, copywriters, and link-builders that is large enough to handle the workloads that are assigned to them.

-A detailed process that they are willing to show you, so that you know what kind of strategy and follow-up work you’re paying for.

Helix House Internet Marketing Agency is composed of experts who stand on a solid foundation of SEO strategies. For more information on how this can help your company’s site enjoy high ranks in SERPs, and influence its growth, contact us to request a consultation.

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