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Five Features Every Website Owner Should Consider

A site’s design is one of the most important factors in successful web development, but your work doesn’t end there. An aesthetic theme should be accompanied by text that is easy to read, a streamlined design with high usability, and engaging promotional amenities. The features of your site are where your long-term power is stored. If you offer amenities which provide important information about your services, and embed promotional entertainment into your pages, you’ll optimize your site for a steady stream of reliable monthly traffic.

There are 5 features, in particular, that are integral to successful web development:

1. Multimedia

Text posts are important, and they’ll always have their place, but providing information through other media forms will tap into the varying tastes of your target market. Video is a useful medium for delivering bite-sized content. Most people will take the time to at least watch a video’s opening segment. Invest money into creating an entertaining presentation to ensure they watch the entire clip. Infographics offer another medium that visitors will take the time to look at. They’re an underused site element, and they still have the power to inspire curiosity in prospects. Audio is another great form of media that’s useful to commuters who listen to web shows and audiobooks on the drive to work. Record a few engaging seminars, or create podcasts your target market will be interested in.

2. Establish A Blog

Blogs are a wonderful tool for successful web development. They ensure return visits, and increase awareness of your brand. Popular post formats include “Top Ten” and “Best Of” lists. The occasional Internet meme can also attract new users if you connect it cleverly to your company’s services. Work with a team member or contracted writer who is capable of writing engaging posts that matter to your target audience. Blogs make excellent marketing tools. Make sure yours is updated at least once or twice weekly to maintain relevance in search results.

3. Engage Social Media

Web habits have shifted to a more social paradigm. Networks like Twitter, Facebook, and even Stumbleupon connect users in real-time, and engage them in conversation. People love to talk, and keep tabs on what other people are doing. Social media taps into those interactive needs. The key to making social media work promotionally is to avoid making every post brand-centered. Sharing is a major part of social platforms. You’ll want to be sure that you offer industry-relevant links to websites and videos other than yours. An occasional joke and inspiring quote will also be appreciated by the people your company connects to. If you’re overwhelmed by the medium, take your time with it, or consider hiring a social media representative.

4. Ensure That Your Customers Can Always Contact You

There are plenty of tools that your customers can use to get the help they need whenever they need it. Make sure your site has a comprehensive FAQ or set of “Help” pages, and be sure those pages give customers more options if they can’t find the answer they need there. A button that leads them to a virtual chat representative is a great option. If you only want to provide 12-hour support, ensure the applet on your site offers customers the ability to leave a message, and ensure your virtual chat representatives check for these immediately upon logging on for their shifts.

5. Build An Email List

If anyone’s ever coached you on digital marketing, this point has undoubtely been passionately raised. Offering an email list sign-up on your site enables you to contact your customers whenever you need to. You can send out a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly newsletter that offers exclusive promotions, and from time to time, you can drop a sudden deal into the email boxes of your audience. Keep your materials clever, and don’t email your list too often (once a week is far too often in most cases), and you’re unlikely to have many, if any, people unsubscribing.

Successful web development and promotion isn’t as complicated as it seems. By utilizing the preceding rules you’ll make your site intriguing enough for further investigation, and attract a steady stream of curious traffic. A percentage of them will return often, and share links to your posts with their own networks.

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