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Five Important Features Your Website Should Have

While the aesthetics of a website might attract customers, its features and functionality is far more important. How your website works and what it has to offer will be the factors that keep your customers and help your business achieve success. Here are five features that you should ensure are on your website:

1. Multimedia Presentations

People visiting the Web do not want to spend quality time reading heavy text; therefore, it is better to use a variety of medium to display your products and services. These may include:

a) Videos – A short well directed video will grab the attention of your site visitors and engage their imagination. A video is far more effective than text that would take them a longer time to get through. With video, your entire marketing message is more likely to get across to the visitors rather than being read only half-way through. There is also the plus of added optimization for your website.

b) Audio – Written reviews have done well for many products and businesses, but audios may offer even more. Getting genuine clients who are pleased with your product to do an audio review over the phone, and then placing them on your website for your visitors to listen to is a big plus for your business. Add transcriptions so your clients can read along.

2. A Blog Aimed at Attracting Customers

Having a website does not guarantee that you will gain visitors, and more so the right visitors. People need to be given a reason to visit your site. A blog is a great way of drawing the attention of people who are truly interested in your products. Your blog should address the needs of the consumer and it should be relevant to your business, if it is to be effective.

Giving consistent information through blogging will keep your target audience coming back for more, as well as, it will keep attracting new clients. This can set you apart as an expert in your field and can become your main means of advertising.

3. Social Media Integration

There are volumes of people on the various social media networks at any given point of the day. Wherever there are volumes of people, there is a major opportunity to market your business. Add various social network widgets to your website and enable sharing. Connect and stay in touch with your customers through these medium. Social media integration increases visibility as it allows your clients to quickly share information about your business with their friends, fans and followers on the various sites.

4. Real-Time Customer Support Options

Customers like it better when they can contact and speak to businesses in real time. Technology allows for various mediums through which you can facilitate customer support in real time. These include live chat windows and automatic call through. Customer concerns can be addressed much faster and bring closure to a sale just as quickly. These features are a must for good business websites.

5. Email Sign-Up Form

There are many customers who do not mind receiving updates via email. Adding an email sign-up form to your website will give visitors the option of leaving their contact details. This will contribute to the growth of your lead list. Dedicated customers can be sent information such as updates, related news, and notification of special offers.

As you may have realized, these five features will help any business owner, new or old, to become successful in their online business.

Phoenix Web Designers | Phoenix Web Design Firms | Web Designer Phoenix | Web Design Company Phoenix