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Check Your Website for These Five Essential Features

Business owners are concerned with website design, and rightly so; however the features a website has are of equal importance. Certainly you want your website to look good but how it looks will not matter if it does not serve to move your business forward toward your goals. The question to ask is which website features will result in additional sales and revenue. Here is a list of five features that will enable your website to maximize your business’s earning potential.

#1 Customer Enticing Blog

An informative blog, featuring information concerning your business’s industry, will draw customers to your site. The more often customers are on your site and the longer they stay the more likely they are to buy your goods or services. Website blogs should be informative, current and offer information relative to those who could benefit from your product or service.

#2 Multimedia- Something for Everyone

Different people have different preferences when it comes to the intake of information. Some like to read, others like to watch and some prefer to listen. By including several options, you stimulate the interests of more people.

a) Text – Some people still prefer to read, assuming the text is not too long

b) Infographics – Adding a visual aspect to text often makes information easier to absorb. Visitors can glance at a graph, grasp the essence of the information, and read further if they are interested. Moreover, info graphics are easy to export through social networks allowing you to reach a larger audience.

c) Audio – For some people the spoken word is most convincing method of persuasion. Audio of real customer feedback accompanied by an optional transcription can bolster a business’s credibility.

d) Video – Those who feel they should never have to read when the information can be presented visually will appreciate the option of viewing videos. This is a quick, easy way to deliver a marketing message. Additionally, optimizing your website with online videos give a boost to the site’s ranking in the search engine listings.

#3 Incorporation of Social Media

Developing a presence on social media sites enables your name to be where your customers spend their time. Put your company name on the lips of as many people as possible by providing available offers, industry news, helpful hints and a link to your blog. Do this and your company’s name will spring to mind when it comes time to shop. Install social sharing buttons on your site, and utilize widgets for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to make visiting and sharing your content as easy as possible.

#4 Real-Time Customer Contact

Using a live chat window will allow customers to act on spur of the moment questions, which can lead to impulse buying. Once they leave your site, they may have trouble finding their way back or they may lose interest in making a purchase. A live person to chat with can make a sale that otherwise would never happen.

#5 Email Subscription Form

An easy to use email sign-up form gives you a targeted mailing list of customers to send offers and information to on a regular basis. Remember repetition lowers sales resistance.

Although these are not the only features important to a business website, these five will increase your website’s earning potential substantially.

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