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Web Development Tips – 5 Essential Features Your Website Needs

Are you paying enough attention to your website features? A lot of business owners usually focus on the design of their website but the truth is, the success of your site also depends on how well it works to help you attain your business goals. Listed below are the top 5 features your site must have.

1. Content-Rich Blog

Just because you’ve built a website doesn’t mean that your potential customers will instantly keep coming in. You need to give them a good reason to visit your site and you can do it by starting a blog. Your blog shouldn’t be bland, of course. Fill it with useful, relevant content that people will find informative and worth reading. Your blog can be your primary marketing tool to attract more customers, and it can help establish your credibility and authority. Be sure to publish content consistently to keep your blog active and lively.

2. Multimedia Presentations

Plain text content is simply unattractive and unappealing for some readers, so spice up your web content by adding videos, infographics and audio. When you present your products/services through various forms of media, you increase your chances of increasing higher conversion rates and driving more traffic to your site.

Videos are very convenient means to get your message across to your audience in just a few minutes. They grab attention easily since people can actually see and hear you instead of long texts that take a long time to finish reading. Additionally, videos can be optimized to reach higher ranks in search engine results.

Audio is also an optimal way to showcase customer testimonials. For a better browsing experience, place partial transcriptions along with your audio files so viewers can read along.

Infographics are an eye candy to your target customers. Readers can easily grasp informative data and ideas in just a single glance.

3. Real-Time Customer Service

To make sales quickly and more easily, your website visitors should be able to contact customer support in real-time if they have questions about your business. You can offer these support options through a live chat window that can be turned on by visitors when they need to ask something. You can also add a support button that automatically calls your number.

4. Social Media

Expand the visibility of your website by integrating social media features that allow you to post your account details and also lets visitors easily share your content. Nowadays, everybody’s already using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn so it’s a great move to alert your followers about the latest offers and news about your company through these sites. When they see your brand in their news feed, they can easily recall your business, and this will make them think about buying your products or services.

5. Email Form

Having an email sign-up form is an effective way to update customers and to increase your list of potential leads. This way, you can easily send special offers, news and updates to your target customers in your mailing list.

By incorporating the five important features detailed above, you’ll increase your chances of drawing in more customers and acquiring more sales.

Phoenix Website Design | Phoenix Arizona Web Design | Phoenix Web Developers | Web Design in Phoenix