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Why Target Specific Keywords when Performing Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process a web developer, SEO expert or website owner, undertakes to get a website viewed. It is no longer enough to design a pretty and functional website; you must implement an SEO strategy in order to market your website for potential clients. When performed correctly, the efforts of the process place your website on the first page of a search engine’s resulting listing for a key search term; this keyword is one that is often used in your industry.

A key factor to being successful online is your visibility, and this is dependent on the number of keywords you target and optimize for your website from within your industry. In other words, the more first page listings you have for keywords that relate to your niche, the more traffic and views your website will get. By hiring a professional SEO specialist, you can maximize your online marketing potential and achieve an even higher ranking in the search engines for the keywords that relate to your business. This results in more traffic, readership and sales conversions.

The Importance of Keyword Research

Most people use a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo to look for information, products or services online. Just think of the process you take when looking for specific information online. You introduce a certain keyword or term referring to what you want to find. Businesses that use SEO practices usually rank higher and come up first on the search engine page, than those that don’t; this makes these particular websites more easily accessible to the reader.

As a business owner you always want to perform keyword research to find appropriate keywords, as it allows your possible customers to find your website when they type in search terms or keywords that pertain to your industry.

To perform keyword research, Web developers or website owners use tools, such as Google Adword, WordTracker, or MSN Keyword Forecast to give them keyword detailed analysis. To use these tools successfully, you simply plug in a keyword you might think relates to your industry, and the application would give you keyword alternatives that people use when searching. These tools offer detailed statistics as to the number of daily or monthly searches for a particular keyword, as well as the number of businesses that target or market that keyword. The key to being really successful is to target keywords towards a regional or local market, or to look for keywords that are not as heavily competed for.

Out-Maneuver Your Competition

The goal of an effective keyword research and marketing strategy is to outmaneuver your competition, and to position your website as high as possible within the search engine directory. When you choose relevant keywords, not often targeted by your competition, you are more likely to get a higher ranking and more Internet visibility. The more exposure you have on the web, the easier you are to find on the search engines for the specific key terms you market to. If you ignore SEO practices, the chances of people finding your website are miniscule, and your website simply becomes an expensive, pretty business card you hand out to existing customers.

Scottsdale Seo | Scottsdale Search Engine Optimization | Seo Scottsdale | Search Engine Optimization Scottsdale